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The glamourous life of Double Fine employee and cat fancier Tasha Harris has been entertaining its fans through her webcomic for some time, but now it's been adapted into a Flash platform game! The premise is very straightforward: her friend (and, as it turns out, many friends, co-workers and family members) finds himself held captive by a silent but menacing black tentacle, dangling him in mid-air. She runs and jumps to his rescue through a somewhat twee platforming environment, but not without some assistance! Her movements are controlled by the keyboard but her cat, Snoopy, plays the role of a magical familiar of sorts, accompanying her along the way. The player moves Snoopy using the mouse, and only Snoopy can collect the necessary environmental modifiers (and the totally optional "pointless unlockables") and deploy them when she encounters a gap slightly too wide to jump over. Modifiers largely include fixed platforms, platforms that move from side to side, platforms that move up and down, and trampolines.

Tasha has no time limit and unlimited lives; nothing in the game can injure her except for falling off the bottom of the screen, which restores her to the beginning of the level, but it is possible to misplace the environmental modifiers in such a way that they will not get the player to where they need to be, in which event one must fling oneself down the bottom and start the level over again. In an obligatory nod to the post-Braid platforming genre, Tasha does enjoy a limited (but rarely called-for) capacity for rewinding time.

After conducting numerous rescues, Tasha and Snoopy uncover the secret of the malevolent intelligence behind the snatching of all her friends -- and must flee for their lives during a memorable boss attack.


Tasha's Donkey Kat Bros. Chronicles Browser A feline motif in this temple... curious
Tasha's Donkey Kat Bros. Chronicles Browser These chain-suspended platforms are much like the baloon-held ones.
Tasha's Donkey Kat Bros. Chronicles Browser Starting level 1
Tasha's Donkey Kat Bros. Chronicles Browser Following the helpful arrows, deploying platforms to make a ladder for myself up.

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  • "Tasha's Game" -- Abbreviated name

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