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Team Fortress Classic Screenshots

User Screenshots

Linux version

Title and main menu
This is the server I entered.
I need to choose what I'll be.
Starting out
Being worked on by a medic

Windows version

Main menu
selection screen in team fortress
class selection
This is a great area for a sniper.
The bridge is mined by pipebombs.
Each server has specific rules that make the game better (or worse, depending).
My favorite class, the Soldier, I'm on the defending team.
Looks like a big firefight!
Pressing TAB brings up the scoreboard.
This is the Command Point. I have to stop people from getting here.
Time to kill whatever's behind that corner.
Look at those gibs... maybe he'll alter his tactics.
Grenade or rocket? Whatever it was, it got me.
Building a sentry gun to (hopefully) protect the Command Point.
Damn, they secured the points. The screen stays black until the round is reloaded.
I've got this corner guarded as a sniper. First guy to show his head loses it.
Second round. Flag is almost captured again. I'll just hover my rifle over it.
This is where the attackers come from. We've got 60 seconds to prepare.
Grenades are perfect for this round.
Top right corner... see? Grenades are perfect!
Those capsules cause you to hallucinate.
Signposts guide you to the bases.
Almost had the flag! But a pipebomb was waiting for me.
My favorite map, "Well". Big and difficult.
High above the enemy door, waiting to ambush everyone who comes out.
This is a Rocket Jump. Don't try it if your not experienced, or instead of jumping, you'll be dying.
A friendly rocket heading to the enemy.
My flag room. Nobody's here, so I'll guard it.
Oh, if only I were blue. I could steal the flag and get my ass out of there.
Going to see if I can sneak in through the underwater tunnel.
Looks like we (red) got the blue in that firefight.

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