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Tecmo Super Bowl Credits

18 people (16 developers, 2 thanks)

Tecmo Super Bowl Staff

Programmer Akihiko Shimoji (A. Shimoji)
Visual Director Kazuhiro Ueda (K. Ueda)
Assistant Director Toshihiko Kodama (T. Kodama)
Graphic Designer Kazushige Tomita (K. Tomita), Y. Iwakai (Y. Iwakai), Yoshitaka Mizushima (Y. Mizushima), M. Mizuta (M. Mizuta)
Music Composer Keiji Yamagishi (K. Yamagishi), Ryuichi Nitta (R. Nitta)
Assistant K. Watanabe (K. Watanabe), M. Ikurumi (M. Ikurumi), K. Masugi (K. Masugi)
Editorial Designer K. Toraya (K. Toraya), Takashi Miyamae (T. Miyamae)
Special Thanks H. Miyata (H. Miyata), H. Sato (Nosuke)
DirectorShin-ichiro Tomie (S. Tomie)
Presented byTecmo

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