Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen (European version)
Title screen (US version)
Turtles gang (European version)
Turtles gang (US version)
Intro sequence (European version)
Intro sequence (US version)
Overhead stage (European version)
Sidescrolling stage (European version)

Amstrad CPC version

Which turtle do you want to play as?
The beginning
The sewer
Climbing a ladder
That bulldozer is about to run into you
Pizza time
Bebop and April O' Neil
Inside a warehouse
On a conveyor belt
Swimming in the dam
Raphael died
Four turtles, minus one

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Let's go.
Avoid the tank.
Entrance to a sewer.
In a sewer.
Kill him.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Introducing our cast.
Cowabunga, indeed.
Starting location, overland
Down in the sewers
Attacking Mousers.
Fighting over the last pizza slice.
Facing down Bebop and Rocksteady.
Good advice, Splinter!
Varied interiors and enemy types
Things don't look good for our heroes.
Rescuing April O'Neil.
Setting up the next stage.
I need to get into that dam.
Donatello always had the largest range.
Game over, dude!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (European version)
Starting game (European version)
In sewer (European version)
Back above ground still looking for April (European version)
In a warehouse (European version)
Searching more of the city (European version)
Boss battle (European version)
April is saved (European version)
Title screen (U. S. version)

DOS version

Title screen
Overhead Map
Leonardo fighting Mousers at start of first sewer
Spinning jump
Almost to the end of first sewer -- and the coveted pizza health bonus!
Team status and advice from Sensei Splinter

MSX version

Title screen
Enter the correct password
Password accepted!
Game info
Credits screen
Climb the stairs...
Wandering the sewers
Turtle captures...
Select another turtle... and don't get captured!

NES version

Title screen: the original NES TMNT game!
European title screen
You can change your turtle anytime during the game.
Here are Bebop and Rocksteady.
The sewers. Turtles can also climb stairs.
Here is Donatello. Look at the distance his bo can reach. All turtles weapons behave differently.
There's a map and you can choose where to go.
Japanese Title Screen
End of Area 1, The fight with Rocksteady, Greenwich Village Warehouse
Area 2 Map, Hudson River
Area 2, Warehouse leading up to the Bomb-Filled Hudson River
Area 2, Hudson, one of the 8 Bombs to defuse.
Last of the Eight bombs to defuse. Note watch out for the seaweed
Area 3 Intro, Splinter kidnapped in turtles den
Shredder leaves the turtles the bad news of splinter
Area 3 Map. The Turtle Van makes it appearance in this area
Area 3 - Wall Street. Finding these missiles around the area can blow barricades blocking the turtles path
Area 3 - Sewers under the buildings
Area 3 - Wall Street. Mecca Turtle - Area boss
Area 4 Overmap - JFK International Airport
Throwing a "Rope" over these buildings will get you through
Area 4 - World screen - Underpass 18 is the aim to get to
Area 4 - Underpass 17
Underpass 18 - Big Mouser, Area 4 boss!
Boarding the Blimp to get to Shredders Base in the South Bronx
Area 5 - Overmap - Shredders Base in South Bronx
Area 5 - Watch out for Searchlights on the ground
Area 5 - Underground Caverns
Area 5 - Fighting the Technodrome.
Area 6 - Inside the technodrome
Area 6 - Showdown with Shredder.

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Copy protection; if you pass, Shredder will tell that he has captured April O'Neil.
Main menu
Choose a turtle
General area
A side-scrolling stage
Weird walking eyeball
Lost a turtle