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Telengard Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Game options
The computer rolls the dice for your stats...
Ooh, a sword +2 right at the start!
Picking up treasure is dangerous business.
Having at it with a level 1 vampire.
Kicking back at the Worthy Meade Inn.
A potion of healing - with my lousy HP count I'd better pick it up...
Teleported away without prior provocation
Gleefully feeding my sword to a level 4 fighter...
...only to suffer a humiliating death at the hands of his lesser cousin.

Atari 8-bit version

The graphics on this version are disappointing, they are all character graphics with no color
The Inn

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The starting location
There is a dwarf here!
Resting at an inn
Game over

Commodore PET/CBM version

Loading & copyright
Start a new character, or read in an old one?
Rolled some stats
Just entered the dungeon
I think I can take on a hobbit.
Me: 1. Hobbit: 0.
A dragon already!?
Expect to see this screen a lot.
Shoulda just stayed at the Worthy Meade Inn.

DOS version

Title screen
Dragons are a pushover here.
The inn offers a welcome rest.

TRS-80 version

System randomizes possible characters until you hit enter
Dungeon generation...
Game start - being attacked by Level 2 Orc Fight!
My character gains 120 exp for surviving that battle
Found some silver - grab that 76 gold oh yeah
You can return to the Worthy Inn to heal and cash out your gold
Before entering the dungeon again it is a good idea to save your character
Back down the stairway into the dungeon
A level 3 Ghoul is handing me my hat in this battle
My HP falls and the Ghoul kills me!
Game over! Now about saving.....

Windows version

Title screen
Character generation
In game - fighting with a Minotaur