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Press Release:


    Ashland, OR, December 1, 1997 -- Tender Loving Care (TLC), the world's first truly interactive DVD movie, was awarded first place in the DVD category at the awards ceremony on November 15 sponsored by the International Compact Disc Interactive Association (ICDIA) and the newly formed Interactive Digital Media Association (IDMA).

    Tender Loving Care is a psychological thriller created by Aftermath Media that stars two-time Academy Award nominee, John Hurt. Unlike previous self-described "interactive movies," TLC is not a game with video elements added or a re-released feature film that offers added scenes or supplementary information. TLC is a motion picture that offers an enhanced entertainment experience through the use of interactive elements that enable the viewer to affect character and plot developments with varying consequences and conclusions.

    Tender Loving Care was shot on 35mm film and boasts state-of-the-art audio and video, making DVD the ideal platform for viewing it. TLC's 40+ gigabytes of content was engineered specifically to take advantage of DVD's exceptional speed and handling of data as well. The first-place award that Aftermath received from ICDIA and IDMA was for the DVD-ROM version of TLC.

    Aftermath also plans to release a highly interactive DVD-Video version for television set-top viewing. Both versions are slated for release early in 1998. Funsoft of Germany will handle pan-European distribution. Aftermath has not yet committed to a distributor for North America or Asia.

    The awards ceremony on November 15 capped off a three-day conference sponsored by ICDIA and IDMA for professional developers of television-based multimedia. Attendees from throughout North America, Asia, and Europe converged at this sixth annual event to get the latest information about emerging technologies and discuss the realities of development for these technologies.

    IDMA was recently formed to advise professional multimedia developers on the migration path to DVD, and this is the first year that IDMA was involved in this event. This was also the first year that DVD awards were presented, so Tender Loving Care has the unique distinction of being the first-ever winner in the DVD category. Winners in other categories include Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors Corporation, Sears Roebuck, McDonnell Douglas, Burger King, and General Electric.

    # # #

    Aftermath Media was formed earlier this year by Rob Landeros and David Wheeler, both of whom were previously with Trilobyte, Inc. - the company that produced the phenomenally successful and award-winning interactive CD-ROM titles, The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. Landeros was co-founder and Creative Director at Trilobyte, and Wheeler was Writer/Director at the firm. Landeros and Wheeler have similar duties at Aftermath, but take a very collaborative approach to projects.

    Aftermath Media is dedicated to creating high-quality, interactive entertainment with broad consumer appeal. Aftermath's multimedia products are based upon the well-founded principles of story-telling and combine the best elements of cinema, literature, visual arts and music. Aftermath Media is located in Ashland, Oregon.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76378) on May 05, 2004.

Back of Box - Windows (US):
    The creators of The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour bring you the first interactive, full-length motion picture designed specifically for DVD -- TENDER LOVING CARE. TLC is about a young couple suffering the aftershock of a terrible tragedy and the mysterious psychiatric nurse who moves into their home and turns their world into a living hell - or, is it heaven? An enticing exploration of the human psyche. A chance to look inside youreself. Academy award nominee John Hurt (The Elephant Man, Contact, Rob Roy) is your guide on this seductive journey of fear and desire.

    Watch the story unfold, then investigate the detailed environment. Find and read intimate diaries, see what's on TV, listen to the radio, collect phone messages and email. Hear the characters reveal their darkest secrets.

    You'll soon discover that TLC is a tale where nothing is as it appears to be. What happened the night of the tragic event? Why is the nurse really there? Who is sane and who is crazy?

    You, the viewer, will be responsible for determining how this ground-breaking, cinematic experience unfolds, scene by scene. You will be given psychological tests to create a profile of your personality. Your answers to Dr. Turner's questions will influence the plot, change the action and guide the story to one of its many possible, shocking endings.

    Discover the hidden truth. Discover your hidden self.

    Contributed by MAT (212342) on May 04, 2000.