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Terminator 2: Judgment Day Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

The target
The battle for tomorrow begins today
The lorry park where you emerge from time travelling
Beat up the bikers
Outside the bar
In the bar
Level 2 boss
Level 2 objectives
An extra life pick up
The elevator requires a key card
The key card for the elevator
Ambushed by security
An armed guard
A weapon pick up
In one of the offices
The T1000
T1000 morphing
Mission 3 complete
Level 4 objectives
I've got a bigger gun now
An energy pick up
Scan for barrels
Deposit the bombs
Drop the charges
Level 4 finish
Molten lead drops from the ceiling
Moving platforms
Don't fall in the steel
Avoid the steam pipes

NES version

Splash screen
Title screen
Ten years ago, a Terminator tried to kill Sarah Connor
It failed
Up on the tankers
Don't the bikers remind you of Ocean's Robocop?
After a few screens, you get this nice help screen
Punching down the muscle-men
Fighting the first boss
Level complete, and new equipment for Arnie
This is much better than bare knuckles
Level 2 is like Paperboy with big guns

SEGA Master System version

Say hello to the T-800
Truck area
That must be the manager
Inside a maximum security prison
Beware: The T-1000 posing as a police officer
Nope. Sarah's not here
Extra life detected
Nice office
"At last, Sarah, I've found you."
Inside Cyberdyne Systems
"Hello sir, are you new here? If so, I need to see your ID."
Using the elevator
Energy detected
What's this deposit box doing here?