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Terminator 2: Judgment Day Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Legal Notice
Company logo Virgin
Company logo Acclaim
Company logo Probe
Title screen
High scores
Game options
Basic storyline
...and action!
T800 closeup

Arcade version

Kill terminators without skin
Help people on barricade
Terminator at close quarters
Flying machine
Mobile rocket launcher
Golden terminators
Boss fight
Level completed
Terminators in human skin
Massacre in human base
Shoot both of them

DOS version

Main menu
Level 1

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Fight endoskeletons in the future
Take out the flying H-K
Level 1 Boss
Inside the Human Hideout

Game Gear version

Title Screen.
Intro cutscene.
A bit of background.
Don't look me that way, Ahnold.
Mission one.
Fight the Skynet machines.
Die, brothers!
Avoid shooting the humans.
By shooting those metal crates at the bottom of the screen you'll find special items.
You've been terminated!
Your first boss.
End of first mission.
The aftermath.
Mission 2, don't shoot the dang humans!
Now the T-1s come with skin...
Ah, found a bunch of missles.
Hey, what's that, am I in the mirror?
Mission three.
That's John Connor, protect him!
There goes John in that pickup truck, whatch out!
Game over.

Genesis version

be careful not to cause any civilian casualties
Shooting lonely robots...
...and a big bad boss
You get to see Arnold Schwarzenegger between levels
Factory level
What a mess, you even shot all the crates...
Schwarzenegger comes to greet you personally

SEGA Master System version

The Battlefield
Don't shoot the humans. They are of worthy assistance
Too late...
Low on energy
You're terminated
Boss of the Battlefield
Statistics screen
Your next mission
Human Hideout

SNES version

Title screen.
The story.
Getting shot at.
Try not to hurt the humans...
Collecting a weapon powerup.
Gold Terminators, as seen in the arcade.
Fighting the HK Tank boss at the end of the first level.
Points are tallied between levels.
Level 2. Shoot the infiltrators!
Closeup on a T-800.
T-800 after being shot a bit. Less bloody than the arcade.
Level 3: Protect John Connor.
Shoot the flying HKs before they can trash Connor's truck.
Level 4: Inside Skynet.
Skynet deploys a range of defenses to stop you.
Take apart the mainframe piece by piece.
Heading back in time!
Level 5: Cyberdyne. Sarah Connor drops ammo for you.
Leave just one piece of equipment intact, and you'll get the "bad" ending (Skynet research continues)