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Terrormolinos Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title Screen
Wish you weren't here
Starting in your home
Made it to the airport
Your finally on holiday
Taking a picture

Commodore 64 version

The story.
Start of your adventure.
In the yard.
The bedroom.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen
Get passport
You need the steps to get into the loft
Lever and Jones never took their games too seriously
All useful stuff
The family all have minds of their own
Better get the last of the things
I hope we haven't got any water with us
The journey itself
This is called irony
Pig-Spanish here
The hotel room
All the things you can do on holiday
Taking pictures is the main aim
Each one is fully drawn out
Ooh la la
No comment
There's always a joker
This could be an awkward moment
On the beach
Doreen's ok now
Shark attack
Your holiday colleague
Learn to swim
Not the nicest hotel then
Party time