Tetris 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Title screen with the main menu.
Title Screen (JPN)
Make your favorite game adjust in this screen: speed, round and background music.
Clear the flash blocks is the main objective in Normal Mode.
You lost! If you exceed the screen top, this options will appear.
These are the 3 opponents available in 1P VS COM mode. Yes, animals!
Playing against the computer: clear more blocks than your opponent quickly!
Sorry. The computer wins the first round...
Use the biggest possible number of blocks to clear the Puzzle mode stages. But save them too!

NES version

Title screen.
Title Screen (JPN)
This is the first gameplay for "Tetris 2".
Sorry. The computer wins the first round...
You win the second round.
This is my final victory!

SNES version

Title screen.
Choose your game mode, change sound settings and be the puzzle master now!
Customize your options for the Normal Mode: speed, round... and the B music.
Prepare your brain when you reach the higher rounds. The challenge is great!
Don't pass over the screen top or the game is over.
These bonus points are received finishing a round quickly.
Your best scores are displayed in the RANKINGS screen. Many training = many points = better position!
The player has a predetermined number of blocks to solve the Puzzle Mode stages. It's reasoning time!
The password option (only in the Puzzle Mode) allows you to continue an previous game. Insert 3 symbols and go ahead!
The VS COM Mode challengers. If you're a novice, challenge the little girl...
Win your opponent clearing all the blocks in your area or lowering the opposite water level
Doing a chain reaction makes the blocks drop faster. You must do this more than your adversary or else...
The circus arrived!
Learning to fly... from the Moon?
The little girl was defeated after some hard matches. Would you like to battle again? Make your choice!