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WindowsChrist Centered Game Reviews (Jun 01, 2005)
The graphics in the game are good and clean. It's based off of the Torque engine. The brains are not gory but cartoon looking. Very nice scenery, with the clouds looking almost Windows XP like! The sound effects very fitting and adds a good feel to the game. The music was very nice. The controls are easy to use, standard keyboard and mouse. The game ran very stable with no problems. I was happy to see it available in PC, Mac and Linux. (We didn't have a Mac to test it on) The online play is pretty 56K friendly which was good. An internet connection is required to register the game when launched for the first time. After that it's a little slow to host a game without it, but it's doable. This game also runs well in Linux while it's compiling. Very little stutter given the CPU is being heavily taxed. I would highly recommend this game and for $19.95 you can't go wrong.
MacintoshThe Mac Observer (Sep 05, 2003)
Every so often something comes along that changes the very foundation of your belief system; you become essentially a new person, with new ideas and a new perspective on life. Think Tanks from GarageGames is not one of those somethings, but it is a bona fide hoot to play anyway. We wonder where Brave Tree, the creators of Think Tanks, came up with the name for the game, because there really isn't a lot of thinking involved: In the game you are a renegade brain who controls a little tank. The basic object of the game is to blast the evil brain-controlled tanks without getting your tank blown out from under your grey matter. Your deepest thoughts while playing Think Tanks is likely to be about making sure you breathe because the action, especially during network play, can be fast and furious; but then, that's the attraction of the game; not thinking.
86 (Sep 27, 2004)
Think Tanks má jedinou vadu. Není to typický freeware. Nabízí toho však dost, abyste si promysleli, zda hru zakoupit. Cena je na naše poměry pochopitelně vysoká, ale kdo ví, koho z vás hra natolik zaujme, že by byl schopen i rozbít prasátko. :) Příjemnou zábavu...
MacintoshMac Gamer (2003)
With every release of a game based on Garage Games' Torque Engine, I become more and more impressed with the engine's versatility. ThinkTanks is no disappointment in that respect. The developers have managed to produce a clever tongue-in-cheek game drawing on the arcade classics as their source. Whether you're looking for a budget game, a clever shooter, or an arcade treat, ThinkTanks will satisfy with its unique concept, simple game play, and slick execution. But don't take my word for it, download the demo today.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (May 19, 2003)
Think Tanks is a tricky game to review. On one hand, you have an incredibly addicting and entertaining multiplayer mode, whilst on the other sits the games prime weakness, its single-player missions.
WindowsDaily Game (2003)
ThinkTanks is one of those games that is deceptively simple; you drive around in a little tank while launching your own little panzerblitz on everyone else. You only have three tanks to choose from, and the controls are about as simple as they come, so how much fun can the game be? Well, thanks to some unique weaponry and powerups, a better-than-average 'bot AI and the ability to customize the heck out of the game, you'll find a lot of hidden goodness in this $20 package. I'd even hazard to say that the amount of pure fun you'll have for $20 makes those $50 titles on the market seem about as deep as a mud puddle.
MacintoshMacworld (Sep 01, 2003)
ThinkTanks has excellent graphics and simple but lushly colored environments. You can choose from several levels with three different themes -- hills and valleys are best for sniping and dog fighting, while darker, gloomier themes are better for ambushes. Lava fields add challenge and will require more strategy.
WindowsGame Chronicles (Jun 09, 2003)
Overall, Think Tanks is a very simple but enjoyable tank game. The addition of the cartoon-like brain pilots help add immensely to this whimsical battle game. People will be enamored with the zany animations and sounds and the overall fun of the online facets of the game. For it’s bargain price of $19.99 it is very easy to see why giving this game a shot won’t break your wallet and can easily be worth the small amount of money you have to shell out for it.
WindowsOut Of Eight (Mar 18, 2006)
Just like the other tank combat game, Think Tanks is a good game that’s blemished by one key deficiency: in this case, aiming. The features of Think Tanks all point towards a good game: decent AI, decent graphics, decent game modes, and decent physics add up to a decent arcade tank combat game. Add in the fact that Think Tanks is available on all three major platforms (Mac, Linux, and, uh, what’s that third one called?) and you’ve got a winner, except for the annoying aiming. Based on the fact that the online servers were pretty well populated for a smaller game, maybe you get used to the aiming over time, but I feel it should be more instinctive at first. You shouldn’t have a difficult time controlling your turret, but Think Tanks makes it an excruciating process. If you can get past the aiming, you’ll find that Think Tanks is pretty fun to play, especially for its low price and features pretty much everything you’d want to see in a tank combat game.
10 (UK) (Aug 04, 2005)
An appallingly limited multiplayer online deathmatch game with floaty tanks and some of the worst 3D graphics we've ever seen on an Xbox. At no stage in the history of gaming has this sort of sub-par drivel been acceptable. Neeeeeext.