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Solo Flight Ad Blurbs (Thomson TO)

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Advertising Blurbs

Advertisement in Computer Games, July/August 1984:


    You're alone, flying a U.S. Mail plane. Suddenly you hit dense clouds and your engine overheats and may cut out any minute. Do you risk flying on to your destination 80 miles ahead, or do you attempt a treacherous emergency landing at a nearby socked-in airport?

    If anything comes close to the real sensation of flying, this is it. The thrills. The responsibilities. The fears.

    With SOLO FLIGHT's user-friendly program, learning to fly is easy. Just grab the joystick and take off. To navigate, you need your instrument panel and flight manual. Plus a little skill during bad weather flying.

    But SOLO FLIGHT isn't always a joyflight. There's always the unexpected. The gusty winds. The blinding clouds. The failing instruments.

    If you think you're ready for the real life challenge of SOLO FLIGHT, hop in the cockpit.

    And get set for everything you least expect.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Oct 27, 2001.

Back of box:
    Solo Flight, the "#1" Fun Flight Simulator, has been called the "Best Flight Simulator for any Microcomputer!" and this new improved version is even better!! The new, improved Solo Flight has a new cockpit, new flight instrumentation, more maps, and for the Commodore-64, Software Speech!! Solo Flight is fun, entertaining and challenging!!

    Solo Flight is a primary flight trainer and uses superior three dimensional graphics to provide realistic takeoffs, landings, and cross country navigation under both visual and instrument flight rules among 42 different airports in such diverse geographical areas as Texas, Massachusetts, Colorado and more! Options include touch and go's, visual or instrument flying, full cockpit instrumentation, dual VOR navigation radios, an instrument landing system (ILS), multiple air navigation maps, four difficulty levels, emergency procedure practice, and night flying. A special feature is the instructor pilot option - the IP actually can help teach you how to take off and land so you can make your first Solo! The exciting new software speech addition (Commodore-64 ONLY) gives voice to the instructor pilot so you can also hear his instructions in high quality computer speech!!

    Once you have mastered all the complexities of learning to fly, then you can play the Mail Pilot Game! In the Mail Pilot Game, you race the mail schedule clock and battle all the dangers of wind, weather, and mechanical failures to get the U.S. Mail safely to its destinations.

    Solo Flight is a realistic trainer and outstanding fun for pilots of all ages and skill levels!!!

    Contributed by jeff leyda (1748) on Jun 08, 2001.