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The Three Stooges Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

In the wrong game!
Title screen
Introduction story
Ok, what should we do?
Oh no! Larry broke his violin!
Larry must run to get a radio before the boxing match is over
Kick him! Kick him! Yeah! Yeah!
Catering mission
Throw pies at the guests!
Stooges Trivia
Hospital stage
The bad guy reminds us of his badness
The game's credits are displayed on billboards.
Curly gets ready to box.
Larry now has radio and must get back in time for Curly to win.
Larry made it back in time.
Quit the game or not?
Found 300 dollars in a wallet on the street.
It's today's radio quiz. Answer the question for 500 dollars.
The big ice cube full of cash fell on Curly's head.
The Stooges are mistaken for waiters.
Curly gets ready to start the cracker eating contest.
Grab the crackers before the oysters eat them.
I didn't get many crackers, so I won't get much money.
Got my finger caught in a mouse trap. If you do this five times, the game will end.
Game Over - I lost, and the evil banker gloats about it.

Apple IIgs version

The Stooges find themselves in a classic Cinemaware game. :-)
The Three Stooges... a Cinemaware Interactive Movie
The evil banker is going to shut down the orphanage!
Pick where to go.
The Stooges are mistaken for waiters... This could get interesting.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it...
Pie fight!
Getting a check.
Moe pushes aside Larry and Curly to get a peek in the fence.
Stooge trivia.
The Stooges arrive at the hospital.
Driving midget race cars down the halls of the hospital... I'm sure this breaks a bunch of work place safety laws!
Slapping mini-game.
Moe has a cunning plan...
It looks like some of people who worked on the IIGS port, found a way to work themselves in as cameos.
Larry has broke his violin!
Larry runs to the radio store to find a substitute for his violin playing.

Commodore 64 version

The credits screen
Select where you want to go, but do it quickly!
The evil banker.
Curly can't loose a fight if he hears "Pop Goes the Weasel"
Uh oh! Looks like Larry violin is broken!
Got to run to the radio shop and pick up a radio before Curly looses the fight
Your new job...
This guy thinks that the Stooges are really waiters. This could lead to trouble...
The slapping game.
The radio quiz. Answer the questions right and get some fast bucks.
Cruising down the halls of the hospital!
The cracker game.
Curly Vs. the Oysters!

DOS version

Cinemaware... :-)
Title screen
Company logo
Introduction sequence
Day one
400 smackers in the middle of the street? Not damn likely.
Game over man, game over...
The Stooges are mistaken for waiters...
Here's what you have to do on this job.
We want our pies!
All right boys, give it to them! PIE FIGHT!
The radio shop.
Here's today's radio quiz.
You had better know your Stooge trivia if you want to make some fast bucks.
The hospital.
The Stooges on midget race cars racing down the hospital's halls. WATCH OUT!
Errr... Sorry about that mister!
The prize fight (EGA)
Looks like it just broke, Larry! (EGA)
Larry runs to the radio shop. (EGA)
Made it back in time! (EGA)
Looks like the Stooges are in the wrong game... (CGA)
The Three Stooges! (CGA)
What's the matter lady? (CGA)
Off we go... (CGA)
That might not be the best thing to say people! (CGA)
A paycheck (CGA)
Racing down the hospital's halls. (CGA)
Slapping arcade sequence. (EGA / TANDY)
The Evil Banker. (EGA / TANDY)
Curly gets ready for the Cracker Eating Contest. (EGA / TANDY)
Grab the crackers before the oysters do. (EGA / TANDY)
Curly is happy with the number of crackers he got. (EGA / TANDY)

Game Boy Advance version

The Stooges in the wrong game at first.
Title screen
Main menu
Product placement
The general goal
Found some money
Trivia game
A trivia question
Mini game: Avoid the obstacles
Mini game instructions
Collect the medical equipment which falls off the wagon
Found a safe
Pie serving

NES version

Hey, you knuckleheads! We're in the wrong game!!
Title screen
The story
More story
Still more story
1 player or 2 player
Select what you'll do to make money
The door of the Hoiti Toiti Club
Inside is either throwing pies...
or a boxing contest. This is the intro screen of the boxing contest.
Curly is in the ring with the champ while Larry needs to run an obstacle course.
The door to the hospital
"What did you do for the patient in room 110?" Nothin'! What'd he ever do for us?"
Outside Zielski Radios. Here you answer trivia questions for $200.00 per correct answer.
Found a money bag
This is what you see after you complete a challenge
Cracker eating contest tonite
Curly is ready to eat crackers
You need to get the crackers before the clams do
Avoid getting the mouse trap
I didn't collect enough money

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu
Wings billboard
The evil banker threatening the orphanage.
The stooges talking to the orphanage caretaker.
Selecting the mini-games.
Supermarket mini-game
Pie fight
The stooges slapping each other.
Pizza fight
Prize fight
Curly ready to fight
Larry and his broken violin
Larry running to get the radio.
Curly and the oyster soup
Crackers and oysters
Curly splashed by the oysters.
Hospital mini-game
Bag of money
Game over