Thundercade Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your mission.
Let's go.
Tanks and men to kill.
Kill them all.
Getting hectic.
Better fire-power.
A big boss.

NES version

Title screen
Choose # of players.
You are given your mission.
The mission starts.
Face to face with a tank
A power-up is on the screen.
Watch out for the helicopters.
Called in an airstrike.
Motorcycle with both sidecars attached.
You have to defeat the sub to get past this screen.
Statistics screen
Continue screen
Game over
Bonus area
Bonus area results
Starting stage 2.
A 1up inside a building I just blew up... pink tanks... yellow enemy bullets on the yellow background... so many poor design decisions...
Bring on the cavalry!
Shooting sideways
Stage 2 boss is actually a palette-swap of the boss from stage 1. How... inspired...
Starting stage 3. My eyes sore :(
Upgrading my guns to stand a chance...
Bridge of death. Death in the form of pink tanks.
I'm at a loss - what were the artists trying to depict here?
Starting stage 4. Backgrounds? Who needs backgrounds? Use your imagination kids! And nobody's going to play this far anyway.
Infinite supply of enemy green tanks
"Mr. Level Designer, isn't this the mid-boss from level 1?" "Yes it is, Mr. Producer. And let's repeat it here. TWICE!"
Gotta shoot the gate down before I collapse.
With enemy technology like this.. to send a lone motorcycle...?!
Enemy nuclear plant
Yeah! Blow the whole nuclear plant up! That sure solves the problem and wins the war! Love those mindless arcades from the 80-s.
Thank you, I know.