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Thunderstrike 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Select the region where you want to operate.
The mission map shows strategically important locations.
Arm your chopper.
At the start of the mission the camera pans around the helicopter.
Escort the ships and bring down any enemy vehicle.
A boat gets destroyed in all its pixelated glory.
Destroying vehicles is easy with the Auto-lock option enabled
You can move the camera in your heli's cockpit.
The action viewed from behind the chopper.
A level is cleared when all enemy objects are destroyed.
Chasing the enemy in hostile waters.

PlayStation version

Helicopter shooting missiles.
Enemy vehicles getting blown up.
Loading screen
Title screen
Main menu
Operation selection
Briefing map showing the position of targets.
Choosing the weapons.
Mission start
Destroying a watchtower.
Sending missiles to ground targets.
Eliminating another helicopter.
Invading the enemy base.
Helicopter destroyed.
Game over
Name entry
Sea operation
Top view
Gunning down a pirate ship.
Fighting a battleship.
Sending missiles to blow up a pirate ship.
Destroying the battleship turrets.
Middle-eastern desert operation
Taking off from the base.
Friendly helicopter
Blowing up the enemy's sentry guns.
Enemy helicopter approaching.
Sending another enemy helicopter down.
Using the rockets on the enemy.
Communications vehicle
Central America operation
Escort mission
Missile launchers
High scores
Another helicopter blown up.

SEGA Saturn version

Title Screen
Intro Movie
Campaign Map
Weapons Loadout
Blow'd UP
External Camera View
Bogey at 12 O'Clock
Missile Lock On
I have failed to protect the convoy.
Protecting Ship Traffic on the Panama Canal
Taking Off from a Base
Primary Target Dead Ahead