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The Time Machine Screenshots

User Screenshots

BBC Micro version

Title screen
Examining things and discovering items, like a crowbar

Browser version

Starting location
Much wandering yields... a ringing bell? I hope that time machine isn't an alarm clock!

Commodore 16, Plus/4 version

Start of your adventure.
Found the time machine.
On a ship.
Inside the Captain's Cabin.

Commodore 64 version

Start of the adventure.

Electron version

Loading Screen

TRS-80 version

The Story
Lost in the Moors
The Front Door of the House
A Bit of Vandalism Gets me Inside the House
I Have Opened the Dresser
I Have Found the Time Machine
A Message From the Future

VIC-20 version

Starting out in the fog.
Wrong direction leads me into a bog.
There is a house to the North.
How do we enter the house?
Broken glass ends the game. Maybe some hand protection is needed?

ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed as the game loads
At the start of the game the player is asked if this is a new game or the resumption of an old one
The game starts here. No description. No back story. Straight into the adventuring
The game recognises n,s,w,e but not North,South, East & West
Bother! Guess this is a game where a map is needed to avoid pitfalls such as this
Finally made it past the quicksand. This looks promising. The pictures draw very slowly. First the block of red. Then the black lines. Then the yellow, blue and green
Having got to the house the player must find a way in. Still no scene setting or description from the game. All gameplay is guesswork. Should I even be here? How do I proceed?