Time Stripper Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Main menu
Your girlfriend is angry...
Stereotypical Hentai Game Protagonist Room (TM)
Mako appears out of a time portal
Talking to Mako outside
And who the hell are you?!..
At the bar
You know, I like the service you provide to your customers!..
Outside of the school building. Nice graphics!..
The melancholic classmate. Naturally, she will turn out to be an obsessed nymphomaniac, like most female characters in hentai games...
Complex scentific-medical procedures of gender-changing... what comes afterwards is... well, have you seen "The Crying Game"? :)
There are situations in life where you must choose! Choose wisely, hero!... ...
I see you've made the right choice, hero!
Lesbian seduction
Locker room
At night. Funny graphics :)
I don't understand, is she in pain, or is she... not at all in pain? :)
The "old" female teacher seduces the underage female student... Hentai stereotypes of all countries, unite!..
That was a good idea. Do it in front of the mirror. Classy, man
So after she was sexually taken advantage by you, she becomes a pop star. That's how it works in real life, guys!..
As it often happens in hentai games, taking advantage of a girl sexually and/or raping her leads to love and happiness! What a message to the young Japanese boys out there, eh?..
School building at night. One of the few places with more than two choices
Nice angle!..
The teacher is just asking you for a small favor, is all

Windows version

Tit-le screen
Main menu -- and our first glimpse of the game's antagonist
Most of the game is conducted via click-through automatic dialogue such as this, with your soon-to-be-ex.
Occasionally the player is prompted to make a choice (and occasionally the characters' appearance slips into ridiculous manga stylization!)
Finally the titular character (there we go again) appears and sets up a strangely familiar time-travel paradox plot.
Most every night you're asked if you want to save your game ... it would be a shame to have to do all that passive clicking all over again.
Unlike many games, stories and movies, the protagonist is employed! (His work, however, was not in the job description.)
Mundane plot threads seemingly lifted from other games spin and twist scenarios of school responsibilities.
The obligatory token /other/ male character in this genre-cliche'd weird world populated exclusively by lithe nubile vixens.
Meanwhile... wacky hijinks ensue with our enigmatic visitors from the future.
I can almost smell the sweatsocks.
Seemingly minor plot threads resolve satisfactorily despite seeming to have little to do with the main storyline.
Though no one plays these games to ogle the architecture, the landscapes are cleanly illustrated and even enjoy a day/night cycle.
(Non-animated) action sequences take a nod from anime framing and manga stylization -- and note the sound-effect onomatopoeia!
So very dramatic... all good things must come to an end -- and so this game, too!
Uses and abuses of an often-mishandled drug-dispensing firearm provide much of the supposed "humour" in this game.
Though their illustrators have demonstrated their overabundance of talents, some scenes in "erotic" videogames are still better left to the imagination...