Advertising Blurbs

Back of box - UK:
    Earth beckons a new Order. The Warriors of Time revisit the past to decide the future...

    Choose your champion and take part in the most amazing combat game you've ever seen on your PC.

    Ten characters prepare to enter the Tournament: each representing a great and powerful civilisation; each with their own style and their own strengths and weaknesses. Each is rendered with incredible detail in smooth, fast 3D graphics.

    Find the best within each with countless differing fighting moves and acrobatics - including weapons, magic and hidden powers that can only be released by a secret combination of movements!
    • A magical and brilliant world is depicted in glorious 3D, with unique light sourcing: shadows, reflections, transparent effects and more!
    • Multiple game options, featuring different battle modes, auto-defence set-ups, multiple camera angles, slow-motion replays; plus the ability to configure the game precisely to get the very best out of your computer.
    • Mesmerising scenery and startling sound effects will astound you.
    • Choose between VGA and SVGA graphics.
    • Play the computer or do battle to the death with a friend (or enemy!).
    • Network gaming option.

    Contributed by Luis Silva (13612) on Jun 21, 2006.