Time Warriors Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
Choosing our warrior
Our first battle
The backdrops are indeed impressive...
Hysis's stage is set in Egypt
I'm being subjected to a special move... ¬°help!
Full detail. This game must have been a looker back in its day.

Windows version

Title screen
Game options can be tweaked here
A rather normal character selection
Some scenarios, like Shodan's, are visually very appealing
Double hits are quite common
There are a few throwing moves included
Rubbing it in. Not advisable if your opponent is a sweaty spartan
Hitting from a distance
Replays show the last seconds, as usual. Here, Apokles uses one of his magic moves on Yrwen
Vikings are known for using swimwear along their pointy hats and furry coats
Other thing vikings are known for are acrobatics
The long sword counters the shorter range of the hammer
Is he afraid, or just blocking?
Some moves change to more dramatical cameras
Entering an high score
One would expect this monster of a move to take a lot of energy, but it doesn't
Ring out!
Another impressive scenario
A fighting game wouldn't be the same without doppelganger fighting
This huge creature is the final boss.

Official Screenshots

  • Time Warriors Screenshot
    Press Kit - PC Collector (July 1997)