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    Long ago, High King Valwyn drove back the barbarian hordes invading Albareth, ending a tragic war. Drained of spirit, he departed to renew his strength in the Elden homelands. Legends promised his return after twenty years.

    But twenty years have come and gone, and Valwyn has not returned. The mystic powers of old are fading, and chaos rules the land. Desperate brigands roam the once-peaceful roads, while the fearful citizens of Albareth live in a world without law.

    Dauntless adventurers are being sought for dangerous quests in this intriguing land from the Times of Lore.

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Albareth! Experience a game with captivating action and unprecedented levels of graphic detail. Stroll along the seashore, lulled by the rolling tide or explore long-forgotten desert ruins. Measure your strength; test your courage. Challenge death with sword in hand, for these are the Times of Lore!

    Times of Lore combines real-time action with an epic story of adventure and intrigue, with challenges never before seen in a fantasy role-playing game!

    Contributed by George Shannon (115) on Jan 20, 2000.