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Times of Lore Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The gate open, beckoning you onward
The story begins
Choose your character, either Knight, Valkyrie or Barbarian
Choosing the Valkyrie
The game begins
The innkeeper ignores me! Probably because I just killed one of his patrons.
Killed a serf on the road
Battling a green monster

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen.
The story.

Apple II version

The story so far...
Barbarian raiders everywhere! What this land needs is a hero!
The Valkyrie
The knight
Starting a game using the knight
Talking to an innkeeper
Off we go into the wild world that awaits us outside!
Traveling on a road
This rogue does not want to talk... Probably because he is a rogue and would rather rob us instead.

Atari ST version

Choose a language
If you have patience, the logo is not only carved out for you, but also filled with sweet, sweet ale
Starting location
Just woke up and already my first quest!
Wandering the roads outside of town
Hunger daemon kicks in
It's dangerous out there
Sometimes even to the player!

Commodore 64 version

One of several pages from the introductory story, shown at the start of a new game before the character-selection screen, while a SID tune by Martin Galway plays.
The Barbarian character
The Valkyrie character
The knight
The inn
Your first fight
you are dead

DOS version

Title screen 1
From the intro
Inside the starting tavern
Title screen 2
Shoreline, after a battle
The Valkyrie character.
The Knight character.
Traveling down a road.
This building must be pretty important - the door is locked and there are two guards.
Found a little hut with a bed and a dagger.
Got killed by a thug. GAME OVER.
Title screen 1 (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
Title screen 2 (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
From the intro (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
The Valkyrie character. (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
The Knight character. (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
Inside the starting tavern (CGA mode with RGBI monitor)
Title screen 1 (CGA mode with composite monitor)
Title screen 2 (CGA mode with composite monitor)
From the intro (CGA mode with composite monitor)
The Valkyrie character. (CGA mode with composite monitor)
The Knight character. (CGA mode with composite monitor)
Inside the starting tavern (CGA mode with composite monitor)
Title screen 1 (Hercules mode)
Title screen 2 (Hercules mode)
From the intro (Hercules mode)
The Valkyrie character. (Hercules mode)
The Knight character. (Hercules mode)
Inside the starting tavern (Hercules mode)

NES version

Choosing your character
Starting as a valkyrie
In a tavern
A town
Actions menu and an attempt to conversation
Crossing a bridge
Red town with new enemies

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen - this and the story-boards are only displayed on the 'character generation' side of the tape
The story is explained in a series of eight story-board screens
The ninth screen is the character selection screen
It is possible to play the game without loading a character by loading straight from the 'game' side of the tape. Then the game loads straight to this screen.
This is the start of the game. I'm on the roof of some building and need to go down the stairs to the left to make contact with other characters
Wherever I walk my character stays roughly in the centre of the screen and the world moves underneath him. Here I've left the character movement and have activated the 'command mode'
Nothing here then. The character ate rations all by himself
Downstairs and the first character interaction. I feel a quest coming on
Conversation is activated by selecting the mouth icon in command mode.
Exploring the countryside. The other character on screen is a bad guy. I cannot move because I am blocked in
Luckily one of his own kills him and he leaves a bag of gold behind. They don't all do this. It must be picked up, none of that 'walk over it to collect it' nonsense.
I killed this one. Combat at this level seems to consist of getting close, but not in the line of fire, and attacking. Looks like I can attack diagonally too which is a bonus.