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    Humanity is on the brink of destruction. Cortez finds himself in a frantic race against time in a desperate bid to trace the origin of the TimeSplitters. It’s a race through time in TimeSplitters Future Perfect™, the sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person shooter franchise. Battle through the centuries to change the past and alter the future with a massive arsenal of period firearms. Along the way, you’ll get help from your past and future selves as you travel through the ages to infiltrate historic castles, annihilate evil robots, and more.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22249) on Oct 11, 2010. - Gamecube / PlayStation 2 / Xbox:
    TimeSplitters Future Perfect marks the return of one of the most critically acclaimed first person shooters for the console, where victory is in the hands of the player's past, present and future self in a battle that stretches throughout time.

    In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, Cortez - the hero from previous installments - returns with humanity on the brink of destruction. With the help of some familiar faces (some very familiar!) he must chase a mystery foe across different time periods to trace the origins of the TimeSplitters and save the day.

    The game is set in multiple time periods, placing gamers in different areas of the world during the 1920s, 1960s, 1990s, and in the near and distant future. The re-creation of specific time periods enables players to enjoy unique gameplay elements such as weapons, gadgets, characters, and environments only found in their time periods. The ability to time travel will sometimes cause time paradoxes resulting in gamers meeting and assisting past and future versions of themselves. Players will also have the ability to correct the mistakes made in the past or team up with past and future versions of themselves in climatic battles.

    Key features
    • Multiple game-play modes
      Such as story, arcade, challenge, multiplayer and online modes.

    • Travel in time
      An improved story mode ties all the missions together immersing the gamer in one epic adventure stretching throughout time between the years of 1914 and 2401.

    • Extensive arcade mode
      An extensive arcade mode that features endless hours of game-play from mini games to extra bonus content and challenge maps.

    • Different gaming modes
      Get the best rankings in Challenge mode to unlock special items and brag about your score with your friends. Multiplayer mode allows gamers to battle in death matches on Sony Online (up to 8 players) or Xbox Live (up to 16 players). With online play gamers can create their own tournaments or play in arcade leagues.

    • Unlock new weapons and gadgets
      Hundreds of unlockables can be used in all game-play modes with new characters, weapons and maps.

    • Make your own maps
      An improved map-maker interface allows gamers to create maps more easily. Maps can be shared and played online with other players.

    • Meet yourself!
      Innovative 'meet yourself' time travel game-play lets you be your own ally by teaming up with your past and future versions of yourself to help get you through the tough patches. Be careful of time paradoxes though!

    • Improved graphics and AI
      The game features more realistic environments & spectacular special effects, high quality animated cut scenes an improved physics engine and smarter enemy AI.

    • More than 20 different weapons
      Blast your way through time with more weapons and gadgets. From a gravity gun, which can levitate objects, vehicles and people, to rocket launchers and machine guns, the game will feature a more than 20 different weapons.

    • Take control of vehicles
      The player will have the ability to take control of land vehicles such as trucks, tanks, and cars equipped with weaponry to use against and to travel in the environment.

    Contributed by karttu (5108) on Jan 16, 2006. (US):
    It's a race through time in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, the sequel to the critically acclaimed first-person shooter franchise. Battle through the centuries to change the past and alter the future with a massive arsenal of period firearms. Along the way, you'll get help from your past and future selves as you travel through the ages to infiltrate historic castles, annihilate evil robots, and more.

    In addition to the improved story mode, the depth of gameplay will be endless with co-op, arcade, and online multiplayer modes, which will give gamers hundreds of hours of exciting gameplay.

    TimeSplitters Future Perfect is now available for Xbox®, and if you'd like to try before you buy, get to your local iGames center. From now through April 17, participating centers are offering a free one-hour trial of the game. You can come in, rack up a few frags in silky smooth multiplayer combat, and experience the time-traveling single-player campaign featuring Cortez. Don't delay, time's a-wasting!

  • Make history: Experience the improved Story mode, immersing yourself in an epic adventure set from 1914 to 2401.

  • Cooperate in single-player: Play with a time travel companion throughout Story mode.

  • Enter the arcade: Play for hours in Arcade mode, with mini-games, bonus content, and challenge maps.

  • Be the best: Get the highest rankings in Challenge mode for bragging rights and to unlock special items.

  • Compete or team up: Go online to battle in 16-player death matches, create your own tournaments, play cooperatively, and even join leagues.

  • Score bonus content: Unlock hundreds of new characters, weapons, and maps to use in any gameplay mode.

  • Create a world: Use the map-maker interface to create maps you can share and play online.

  • Help yourself: Be your own ally by teaming up with past and future versions of yourself - but beware of time paradoxes!

  • Immerse in the world: Experience realistic environments, incredible special effects, and high-quality animated cutscenes, along with a great physics engine and smarter enemy A.I.

  • Drive away: Use trucks, tanks, and weapon-equipped cars to get around.

  • Arm yourself: Blast your way through time with more than 20 different weapons ranging from rocket launchers and machine guns to a gravity gun that levitates objects, vehicles, and people.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66588) on Apr 17, 2005.
    Time keeps on ticking, and so does that grenade.

    UK developer Free Radical's tongue-in-cheek time-traveling saga continues into the past and future.


    • 11 missions in five time periods ranging from 1924 to 2401
    • Three difficulty levels
    • Wow residents of the past with your antigravity claw, which can reach far across gaps, flick distant switches and much more
    • Unlock scores of characters for multiplayer and unique single-player Challenges

    This time around, Cortez of TimeSplitters 2 fame is the star of the show. Here, he finds himself in a frantic race against time in a desperate bid to trace the origin of the TimeSplitters and save mankind. Talk about your butterfly effect: the beefy, very cool-looking Cortez double-takes when he runs across his time-traveling self -- and receives crucial hints from said self.

    Crafted by many vets from the GoldenEye 007 N64 development team, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect brims with the clever level design and fine-tuned play control of that FPS classic. And, just as in GoldenEye 007, you'll have more objectives on the harder difficulty levels.

    TimeSplitters: Future Perfect also brandishes a wicked sense of humor. Not so much in the one-liners, many of which feel forced, but in the improbably unflappable way Cortez and his daffy companions take on Soviet soldiers, Connecticut zombies and those evil TimeSplitters. Halfway through penetrating a top-secret Soviet base in 1969, Cortez and mustachioed super-spy Harry Tipper knock out guards and take their uniforms. A cliché in half the adventure movies ever made -- were it not for the fact that Harry is now able to convince the guards that he's a miniskired soldierina. "Kinda breezy," observes the trippy Tipper of his new couture.

    Whenever Cortez finds himself in a particularly dire pickle, who should come to the rescue but his own sweet self. Whether it's unlocking a door in a Scottish castle or downing a helicopter, Cortez takes advantage of handy wormholes to flash a few precious minutes forward or back in time.

    TimeSplitters: Future Perfect is also the first TimeSplitters game with controllable vehicles. You can either drive or man the mounted weapon. With loosey-goosey controls, it's easy to oversteer. If you have a choice, take the gun and give your comrade the wheel.

    There are tons of weapons, ranging from the crudest (the baseball bat is especially effective against zombies) to space-distorting SciFi Handguns. And in between, plenty of revolvers, sniper rifles, double-barrel shotguns, silenced pistols, machine guns and flamethrowers.

    Fans of Shaun of the Dead will recognize the movie's wry vibe in an a very long mission set in a creepy mansion that simultaneously honors and parodies every zombie flick ever made. (Maybe the appreciation is mutual: TimeSplitters 2 appears in the Brit movie). Your unlikely partner, Jo-Beth, is a fearless teen zombie-slayer who looks like she'd clock Buffy just for fun. Whut-ever.

    Multiplayer TimeSplitters: Future Perfect bristles with options. Besides the usual suspects -- solo and team deathmatch and capture the flag -- you have your pick of offbeat variants like Shrink (contender's size is based on ranking), Vampire (kill others so you can live longer), Virus (tagged contenders stay on fire) and Monkey Assistant (the last-place contender gets some little helpers). The unexpected venues include Vietnam, Venice and the top and interior of an excessively ornate '30s zeppelin.

    The many single-player Challenges include hunting zombie monkeys and racing robotic cats. In both the multiplayer and Challenge modes, you can re-acquaint yourself with the game's many colorful minor characters, as well as more memorable characters from early TimeSplitters games. There are hundreds of unlockables, and to get 'em all, you'll have to play the game through on Hard mode.

    Bottom Line

    Despite a change in publisher -- EA stepped in and snagged the rights from Eidos -- fans will be glad to note that TimeSplitters: Future Perfect enhances the franchise's oddball mix of mayhem and wackiness. The best in the increasingly clever series, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect's tons of unlockables and multiplayer options make for endless replayability. Perfect.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66588) on Apr 17, 2005. - GameCube/PlayStation 2/Xbox:
    Mit TimeSplitters Future Perfect kehrt einer der rasantesten First-Person-Shooter für die Konsole zurück, bei welchem der Sieg des Spielers von dessen Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft abhängt, in einem Kampf, der sich selbst quer durch die Zeit erstreckt. In TimeSplitters Future Perfect jagt Cortéz, ein Held aus vorhergegangenen Abenteuern, mit der Hilfe einiger bekannter Gesichter einen mysteriösen Feind durch verschiedene Zeitperioden um die Herkunft der TimeSplitters aufzudecken und "den Tag zu retten".

    Im Spiel reist der Spieler an viele verschiedene Orte und Zeitperioden in den 1920ern, 1960ern, den 1990ern und der nahen bzw. fernen Zukunft. Hierdurch findet der Spieler nicht nur ein einzigartiges Gameplay, sondern auch eine Vielfalt an Waffen, Erfindungen, Charakteren und Umgebungen vor. Es beinhaltet sogar Fahrzeug Interaktions-Eigenschaften, die einem das Abfeuern von Waffen während der Fahrt ermöglichen. Aufgrund der Fähigkeit, durch die Zeit reisen zu können, kann es dazu kommen, dass Cortéz sich selbst in der Vergangenheit begegnet. Auf diese Weise kann er vergangene Fehler wieder wett machen, oder mit Hilfe seines anderen Ichs besonders knifflige Situationen lösen und so durch besonders komplizierte Abschnitte gelangen, die er sonst nicht zu meistern in der Lage wäre.

    Future Perfect wird eine bedeutend verbesserte Single-Player-Storyline, die dem Spieler eine tiefgründigere Gameplay-Erfahrung als TS 2 vermitteln wird. Um mit den aktuellen FPS Spielen mitzuhalten, wird das Spiel sowohl auf PS2 als auch auf Xbox, online-fähig sein, ein Feature, das Spieler bei TS 2 schmerzlichst vermissten.

    Bereits beim Verkaufsstart werden kostenlose Download-Inhalte, wie beispielsweise Multi-Player Maps, erhältlich sein. Zusätzlich birgt TimeSplitters Future Perfect eine verbesserte Map-Editor Funktion, mit welcher der Spieler seine eigenen Inhalte schaffen kann, um sie dann online mit Gleichgesinnten zu teilen.


    • Verbesserte Storyline die den Spieler durch verschieden Zeitperioden, wie z.B. den 20ern, 60ern, 90ern und der Zukunft, führt.
    • Vielfalt an Waffen, Gegenständen, Charakteren und
    • Umgebungen aus verschiedenen Epochen.
    • Fahrzeug-Interaktions-System
    • Lösen von Aufgaben in der Vergangenheit mit Hilfe des vergangenen Ichs von Cortéz
    • Verbesserte Single-Player Storyline
    • Erweiterung um den lang geforderten Multiplayer Mode
    • Onlinefähigkeit für PS2 und Xbox
    • Möglichkeit zusätzliche Inhalte, wie bespielsweise Maps, zu downloaden
    • Verbesserter Map-Editor

    Contributed by Xoleras (66588) on Apr 17, 2005.

    TimeSplitters 2 had pretty much everything you could want from an arcade-style first-person shooter: tight controls, awesome weapons, fabulous graphics and a mind-boggling array of modes. Unfortunately, online play for TS2 was dropped due to time constraints, but TimeSplitters Future Perfect rectifies this with full support for up to 16 players online. Lock and load...


    Once more, you play as hardened time traveller Cortez, on a mission to trace the origins of the mysterious, era-hopping TimeSplitters. The Story mode, which can now be played co-operatively online or off, spans nearly five hundred years, from the First World War through to 2401.

    Cleverly, all this jumping around through time and space means that you'll occasionally get to meet (and fight alongside) past and present versions of yourself as you battle the nefarious time-manipulating aliens.

    Free Radical claims that Future Perfect will comprise hundreds of hours of gameplay and, frankly, we believe them. Online, battle through the Story mode co-operatively with a friend or engage in some all out 16-player deathmatch mayhem across a wide variety of maps.

    Offline, team up with or take on friends in Deathmatch, Co-op and Capture the Flag modes, or tackle the massive Challenge and Arcade modes, collecting dozens of unlocks along the way.

    New weapons, spectacular special effects and smarter enemy AI round off the package, making TimeSplitters Future Perfect one of the most essential first-person shooters on PS2.


    • Massive array of online and offline modes for both Single and Multiplayer

    • Take control of land vehicles and brandish new weapons such as the Gravity Gun

    • Create your own battlegrounds with the improved map-maker

    Contributed by Xoleras (66588) on Apr 17, 2005.