Titanfall Screenshots

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Windows version

Main screen
Main screen
Arsenal selection screen.
Arsenal selection screen. Depending weapons and equipment, the char has one aspect or other.
First moments of a combat.
Playing with a titan moments before to win.
Boarding my titan.
Boarding my titan, one moment before it close and transfer controls to the player.
As titan.
An enemy titan exploding. Nuclear explosion at dead is an "equipment" of the arsenal.
Hacking a defensive tower.
Over a friendly titan.
Low health, need to cover!
Death cam, this guy is about to kill me (1).
Death cam, this guy is about to kill me (2).
Death cam, this guy is about to kill me (3).
An execution. Yes, it´s a bit disgusting.
18 seconds to begin the battle.
Initializing the titan.
Battle begins.
Hacking an android. It converts it and others near to your bodyguards.
Wops, battle lost, we have to evacuate. This is the epilogue.
After dying in epilogue, you can watch the other friendly players playing.
Titan armory.
Cards add special effects or weapons to the game, only until you die.
Weapons statistics.
Scenario statistics.
General statistics.
Achievements, this one grants experience, other grants cards or unlock equipment.
List of game modes.
Configuring a character, choosing my anti titan weapon.
Game lobby, waiting to begin the game.
End battle screen, detailing my elimination score.
End battle screen, detailing my special score.

Xbox One version

Title Screen
The Mech detail is great