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Critic Reviews

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ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Jan, 1992)
Is Titanic Blinky any good? Well, the answer to that is yes, mon petit chickadees. Yes, it's pretty spanky, and here's why; the game is very quick, responsive and smooth. It's cram-jam packed with details; the backgrounds are filled with bits and bobs which, no doubt, were seen on the real Titanic, and all the creatures and stuff that you meet look pretty darn spiffy as well. The only thing with Titanic Blinky is that it's pretty tough. He's a big sprite and there really isn't much space on the screen so you keep getting killed.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Jan, 1992)
Will Blinky become as popular as Dizzy? Well if there's a third game and its as good as this I'd say a resounding YES. Puzzle fans as well as platform junkies will love Titanlc Blinky - Its fun fun fun all the way. The puzzles are thankfully easy to solve; even a thicko like me (your words, Caswell - Ed) managed to get a fair way into the game on my first couple of attempts. Graphically, Titanlc Blinky's little short of brilliant. The sprites are big and bold with bucketfuls of colour splashed around. There's the odd bit of colour clash but this doesn't affect playability. Despite being a scary ghost, Blinky's a cuddly little critter, but some of the creatures wouldn't look out of place in Stephen King's worst nightmare. So move over Dizzy, Titanic Blinky is on your tail and gunning for your crown. Go out and buy this game now, its well worth the measly asking price.
Commodore 64Commodore Format (Apr, 1992)
The graphics aren't bad. Zeppelin has gone for the cutesy look, but sadly Blinky skates around rather than walking, and the collision detection can be a bit dodgy. [...] The sound is a bit repetitive, though, with bleeps and blurps for the shooting and destroying of nasties. [...] Despite these little niggles, at £3.99 you're getting a decent game which will take some beating. And, it's original (well, as far as any platform game is anymore).
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (May, 1992)
It Shouldn't take too long to complete this game and really won't have you won't be coming back for more once you've done so, but its moderately good while it lasts.
Atari STST Format (Feb, 1992)
Find a small child, watch him play this and convince yourself it's quite a good game - for one with a concept originated around 1983. The box is handy for propping up your monitor.
Die Grafik ist mittelmäßig, aber nicht schlecht, Sound und FX nicht der Rede wert. Das Game ist schwer - sehr schwer sogar. Oberfieserweise hat man nämlich dafür gesorgt, daß beim zweiten Betreten des gleichen Bildes die Gegner von vorher wieder zur Stelle sind. Die Orte, an denen die Noten versteckt sind, wechseln selbstredend. Dennoch: Für DEN Preis sollte man sich das Teil ruhig mal anschauen.
Commodore 64Commodore Force (Oct, 1993)
Titanic Blinky is by no means dire, but the graphics have a wishy-washy feel and Blinky seems to have lost most of his character. Never mind....
AmigaPower Play (Dec, 1991)
Als Budget-Software hat „Titanic Blinky“ durchaus eine Existenzberechtigung. Die comicartige Grafik ist sogar stellenweise amüsant. Steuerung und Sound sind halbwegs gut gelungen.
AmigaAmiga Joker (Nov, 1991)
Das hört sich nicht nur langweilig an, das sieht auch so aus: kein Scrolling (die Screens werden umgeschaltet), keine vernünftigen Animationen, keine aufregenden Hintergründe, keine Abwechslung. Die FX sind schlapp, die Titelmelodie ist gerade noch brauchbar - überzeugen kann eigentlich nur der Preis. Obwohl: Dafür. daß man jedesmal froh ist, sobald die vier Leben endlich verbraten sind und man nicht mehr weiterzugeistern braucht, sind auch knapp 30 Märker schon zuviel!