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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.
Menu screen.

Windows version

Brother Co-Op
Intro Stage i
Master Splinter gives advice
Stage over
Purple Dragon nest
Running around with bonus unlock Big heads
Bonus stage start
Another Bonus Stage
Bonus Stage Complete
Bonus unlock Image
Title shown in FMV intro
Press enter to start
Mission select screen
Mission intros are done in comics style
Mission 2. Fighting some thugs
Mission 3. Wall-running in the sewers
A section of quick jumps
Mission 4. Jumping on rooftops
Mission 5. Avoiding fire in a temple
Mission 7. There are electric fences on roofs now
Mission 8. I gotta follow the van. Now where is it?
Mission 9. More fighting with Foot clan
Mission 11. You can pass through certain bars using your 'spiritual form'
Mission 13. Wall-running on some advertisement
Turtles can jump from ledge to ledge, like in any that involves parkour
Mission 14. More fighting. It's a TMNT game after all.
Mission 15. Using sai to climb the wall
Mission 16. The final area
You can unlock sketch drawings of comics

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