Todd's Adventures in Slime World Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

This screen lets you choose the various game modes
Todd touches down on Slime World
Todd starts his journey
Todd can crawl up walls
Picking up an object
Meeting the first slime monster
Killing the monster with your water pistol
Todd is about to die
You know, standing in radioactive slime can be hazardous to your health
Todd jet-packs his way through Slime World
A bomb has just been detonated in the room on the left
Amoebas? In Slime World?
Find the exit before Slime World has a meltdown
Todd failed in his quest
"He's sucking my head!"
Two-player mode

Lynx version

Game's title screen. Note that the "slime" portion of the text keeps oozing and squishing. It is also transparent!
The game's loading screen. Note the "winners don't use drugs" text on the bottom.
You can select one of 6 different levels. Each level features some unique twist on the core gameplay.
At the beginning of some of the levels your ship is shown crash-landing on the surface of the slimeworld in a showcase of Lynx' sprite displaying power.
In addition to several layers of parallax, the surface of the planet features a whole bunch of sprite scaling.
The game has to be seen to be believed - every piece of the terrain and the background constantly moves in an oozing, stretching motion.
Pits filled with water serve to cleanse the player from clumps of corrosive slime that explode from defeated enemies
These centipedes are fast and deadly. You have to time your run through this room in order not to die.
Red slime causes instant death upon contact.
Certain portions of the maze can only be passed using collected powerup objects, such as Slime Shield, and Jet Pack.
When killed, enemies explode into fireworks of slimy napalm.
Usually, the goal is in finding the exit.
Some levels feature impressive background animations and parallax, others, such as this one prefer to annoy the player with flashing background color.
The player character has a pretty wide range of animations. Such as wall-climbing and different gun-aiming angles.
Mission 3 features a really nifty color scheme.
Powerups are plentiful in early missions. You lose them all when you die though.
Fighting off a horde of annoying, slimy enemies.
While the game presents the player with infinite number of lives, it is still possible to lose in some missions by failing certain conditions.
There are various terrain kinds presented in later missions. This floor is very slippery, while some others might half your moving speed.
Some missions give you no weapon and require perfect memorization of your route.
One wrong jump here will cause instant death by a man-eating Venus fly trap.
The game features a short password feature which would restore your position in the game with surprising precision.
The Computer Map feature in Slime World is less than particularly useful. Not only does it show only a tiny part of the maze around you, but the game doesn't pause when it is displayed.
Upon completing a mission we are presented with another showcase of the planet's parallaxy surface.
YEY! Now you have to restart the console!
A few missions feature a strict time limit.

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
In a galaxy far, far away...
Smoking is hazardous to your health
Tough hero
The hero gets all the girls...
Are you seeing the same thing as I do?.. ... ... :)
Game modes
Starting the easy mode
Helpful arrows show the way
Covered in slime :)
Tougher monsters
Arcade mode: enemies attack all the time!
Exploration mode: more weird stuff...
Logic mode: pay attention to the terrain
Stepped on ice :)