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Move over 007 PlayStation 2 Terrence Bosky (5463)
Not bad. Windows Ola Sverre Bauge (241)
Near perfect stealth action. PlayStation 2 DarkDove (68)
What MGS should have been. Windows Zovni (10633)
A revolution in Espionage action games. Xbox Thiago Oliveira (98)
Stealth James Bond PlayStation 2 MAT (222038)
Plenty of hot and cool spy-action to be enjoyed here. Windows re_fold (310)
It really is "Stealth Action Redifined" Xbox Jester236 (39)
As an N.S.A. employee, Sam Fisher needs to hunt down and kill Georgian president Kombayn Nikoladze because of his terrorist acts against the USA PlayStation 2 Toncian Vlad Ionut (3)
A Fight to the Death! Xbox quayleman (2)

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Platform Votes Score
GameCube 25 3.3
Macintosh 6 4.3
PlayStation 2 34 3.7
PlayStation 3 5 4.5
Windows 85 3.7
Xbox 55 3.8
Xbox One Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 210 3.7

Critic Reviews

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WindowsComputer Active (May 01, 2003)
As well as the way it looks, Splinter Cell is a pleasure to play. It really requires thinking to advance through the game. The variety of weapons and gadgets keep your attention, while the artificial intelligence is advanced enough to keep you on your toes, literally. If you need a rest from the no-brainers, you need splinter cell.
XboxThe Next Level (USA) (Jan 06, 2003)
At the beginning of this review I stated my opinion that Splinter Cell is superior to MGS2, but conceded that the games are substantially different. To elaborate further, Splinter Cell more closely resembles a modern-day version of an action-platformer like Flashback, the classic Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo sci-fi platformer. Much like Flashback, you must overcome a series of puzzles through creative use of an extensive physical vocabulary. Solving these puzzles through mastery of Splinter Cell’s control scheme is a gratifying challenge. Hence, the game focuses on precision, finesse, and technique at the expense of all-out action. This may disappoint some who enjoy the classic firefights of Metal Gear, but for those who prefer more demanding, skill-based challenges, Splinter Cell is the better game.
Last of all, immersion. This is like playing a Tom Clancy novel. You will not want to put it down at all until you've beaten it twice. The only downfall is the occasional glitch, such as the ''head through the door'' glitch. What's even funnier, however, is when the guard on the other side of the door doesn't seem to think that a half of a head through a door and a fist through a wall is a bad thing. Despite these small errors, they won't detract from your game. I give it, like Halo, a perfect 10.
XboxUGO (UnderGroundOnline) (Dec, 2002)
Aside from Halo, Splinter Cell is the best reason to own an Xbox. Those looking for yet another reason to dignify their purchase need look no further. While the technical nature of Splinter Cell may turn off casual gamers, whereas a game like Metal Gear Solid practically lays the answers out before you, most will find the do-it-yourself method to be more enjoyable on the whole. Although Metal Gear Solid may have the one-up in terms of storytelling and cinematic acting, Splinter Cell’s low-key approach to plot development is a refreshing change for those of us that would rather play our games than watch them. But Splinter Cell is not a perfect game. In fact, the touchy A.I. and the trial-and-error style of play will likely ruffle more than a few feathers, but in the end most will find Splinter Cell to be a highly enjoyable, greatly rewarding experience.
XboxXBox Solution (XBS) (Jan 21, 2003)
Splinter Cell is absolutely one of the most revolutionary new games of the next-gen consoles. From the drop dead gorgeous graphics, to the amount of gadgets, this game delivers a solid stealth/action gameplay experience. Sam Fisher is capable of making some pretty damn impressive moves as you go along on this shadow operation. Be quiet, be smart, and be invisible in order to complete your mission. Splinter Cell is honored by receiving the first ever Gronar Snaggletooth Award of Damn Bad Ass Coolness! I don’t give these out easily.
XboxGame Vortex (2002)
As you can tell from the score, Splinter Cell is just that good. Some may find the difficulty level a bit of a problem, but the game is still accessible and has a high enough fun factor that players will still want to play. With ability to download new content via Xbox Live, Splinter Cell is, without question, one of the best games available on the Xbox and makes Xbox owners happy to own the system.
XboxGamePro (US) (Nov 15, 2002)
Perhaps one of the most anticipated Xbox titles this year, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell certainly lives up to all the hype. All the way up to the very end, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell weaves well-balanced gameplay with fantastic visuals, creating an unforgettable adventure in the stealth/action genre.
PlayStation 2games xtreme (Apr 24, 2003)
Buy it, it really is well worth it, there’s so much that’s been added – tweaked and redesigned it would take more than these few words to describe it to be honest. Sam Fisher’s adventures just got bigger and better, and PS2 owners have something to boast about. With slightly more loading places and the load times have been optimised for the console, you’ll find that it’ll be easier in some ways to complete – but the evil enemy AI and the need for Stealth will make it a definite challenge and one that you should come back to. Oh and one more thing, all the features from the Xbox DVD are there too – so you can marvel at how the game was made.
XboxPGNx Media (Dec 07, 2002)
I found this game to be amazing. It just gives you this classic super spy feeling. The missions are great and it truly proves that there is another way to make a spy game. All of its amazing elements melt into an amazing experience. I urge ANY Xbox owner to run out and buy it right now.
XboxGame Chronicles (Jan 30, 2003)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is one of those games that reviewers dream of almost as much as the gamers who play them. For me, the dream began at the 2002 E3 show where I was treated to a personal demo from one of the lead art designers. Even as I watched Sam Fisher gracefully move around with stealthy precision I knew that Ubisoft had a mega-hit ready to explode onto the gaming world.
PlayStation 2GameZone (Apr 21, 2003)
There is often that slight tinge of envy whenever another console comes out with that brilliant title you probably won’t get to play--unless, of course, your friend owns the console in question--and Playstation 2 owners have felt this more than any other console. One of the games that caught our eye, since the hype built it up to Must Have status, is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell. Well, PS2 owners, prepare to dance a jig of joy. Splinter Cell has come to the PS2 . . . and it even has some exclusive bonuses. So who’s jealous now?
XboxXbox Gamers First (XGF) (Jan 07, 2003)
We've finally got some competition in the genre for Kojima's masterpiece. It should be interesting to see how much of Splinter Cell's innovation Konami "borrows" for the next MGS.
XboxGame Freaks 365 (2003)
Splinter Cell is a long game spanning over 20 hours, but the game doesn't have many extras to keep people playing it. Most people though will keep playing the games levels until they get bored of it or something better and more challenging comes along. But all the power in the world, Except Halo and Doom, cannot match the power of Splinter Cell.
GameCubeGame Freaks 365 (Nov, 2002)
Splinter Cell is a long game spanning over 20 hours, but the game doesn't have many extras to keep people playing it. Most people though will keep playing the games levels until they get bored of it or something better and more challenging comes along. But all the power in the world, Except Halo and Doom, cannot match the power of Splinter Cell.
XboxGameZone (Dec 08, 2002)
Splinter Cell features one of the smoothest, most precise, easy-to-use cameras that I have ever experienced in a game. This is perhaps the game's greatest innovation. Manual cameras are extremely difficult to add to a game, especially if no one has ever done it before. Although it wasn't needed in either of the Metal Gear Solid games, Ubi Soft has proven that the more control you have in a game, the more immersive the experience becomes.
PlayStation 2Game Chronicles (May 30, 2003)
Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is one of those games that reviewers dream of almost as much as the gamers who play them. For me, the dream began at the 2002 E3 show where I was treated to a personal demo from one of the lead art designers. Even as I watched Sam Fisher gracefully move around with stealthy precision I knew that Ubisoft had a mega-hit ready to explode onto the gaming world.
WindowsGamers' Temple, The (Jul 19, 2005)
Without a doubt, Splinter Cell has set the standard by which future stealth action games will be judged. Zip line into your favorite store and buy this game.
XboxGamers' Temple, The (Dec, 2002)
The game's missions will keep you busy for quite some time, but once you're finished them the experience does not end there. If you subscribe to Xbox Live, then you'll be able to download new levels to your Xbox's hard drive.
XboxGamersMark (Feb 24, 2003)
It’s hard to really give a good impression because the game has so many important elements to it, and you really need to play it for yourself. I can’t imagine anyone not being able to find something that keeps them wanting to play Splinter Cell. I think I’ve made it clear that I love this game, and so does almost everyone else I’ve heard from. This game was undoubtedly one the best games of last year, on any platform, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best games I’ve ever played.
XboxTeamXbox (Jan 29, 2003)
Other than that and some minor clipping problems with the character models the game is more or less flawless. All of this compile to create the second best game on the Xbox, and if first person shooters aren’t your thing, then I suppose it is the best. If you have an Xbox, you must have this game. If you don’t have an Xbox, buy the game anyway – it’s that good.
XboxIGN (Nov 18, 2002)
This game literally shines on the Xbox and has enough gameplay hours to satisfy dedicated Halo junkies who've been waiting for the next landmark single player game on the system. Since you can play with varying degrees of stealth and aggression, you'll have every reason to play through Splinter Cell multiple times.
PlayStation 2Worth Playing (May 05, 2003)
The game is so well designed that I will definitely recommend this game to anyone out there. I have never played the Xbox version so I cannot give a detailed comparison of the two, but UbiSoft has surely outdone themselves this time. Not only are the sound and video great, but the game play is awesome as well. With only a few flaws, the game has got to be one of my favorites. This game is definitely worth the retail price tag.
GameCubeGamers' Temple, The (Jul 20, 2005)
This game sets the standard that all future stealth action games on the GameCube will be measured against.
XboxConsoles Plus (Dec, 2002)
Une véritable simulation d'infiltration, plus poussée que Metal Gear Solid, mais un poil moins riche côté action. Un des titres du moment.
PlayStation (Mar 25, 2003)
Non on ne notera pas moins bien ce Splinter Cell sur PS2 par rapport aux autres supports sur lesquels il est déjà sorti. Et pourquoi donc ? Parce que les guerres de consoleux ne riment à rien et que l'on est bien obligé d'admettre que les développeurs nous honorent d'un bel effort pour adapter le jeu original sur une autre machine plutôt que de nous faire cracher du fric pour un portage bidon. Alors certes, la qualité technique n'est pas exactement celle de la version Xbox mais quoi qu'il en soit les performances de la PS2 sont particulièrement bien exploitées, dans un titre qui ne perd rien de l'intense plaisir de jeu qu'il est susceptible d'offrir à son acquéreur !
WindowsAbsolute Games ( (Mar 01, 2003)
От сравнений с популярным консольным сериалом Metal Gear Solid не скрыться, поэтому давайте сразу расставим точки над "i". MGS — добротный японский НФ-боевик со всеми полагающимися атрибутами в лице антропоморфных роботов, неуместных в серьезном жанре комедийных эпизодов и сценаристов, выдавливающих слезы мозолистыми руками. В Splinter Cell этого нет. Сэм Фишер словно сошел со страниц очередного технотриллера Клэнси. Суровый, решительный, опытный боец, предпочитающий действие пространной болтовне и драматическим мизансценам. Его друзья — не маленькие комочки свинца, но тени, и пользуется он ими не хуже, чем кулаком, винтовкой и пистолетом. Они помогают ему независимо от специфики задания, будь то взлом главного сервера ЦРУ, спасение программистов концерна "Калинатек" от лап русских мафиози или подслушивание важных бесед во дворе китайского консульства.
95 (Nov 25, 2002)
Un titre dont on peut dire qu'il frôle la perfection. Splinter Cell est une merveille, tant au niveau de son gameplay d'une richesse incroyable, que de sa réalisation tout simplement à couper le souffle. Le killer-app de la fin d'année sur Xbox, à se procurer d'urgence et à consommer sans aucune modération !
XboxZTGameDomain (2005)
If you own and XBox this is the game to get, taking everything MGS founded and upping it a notch truly delivers a solid gameplay experience. If you are a huge fan of MGS then you will love SC. It takes years of developing to deliver a game of this magnitude and we should appreciate the level of excellence it delivers. Truly a great game for any gamer. A little short on story and really deep in gameplay, Splinter Cell will go down as one of the best XBox games ever created. Highly recommended!
XboxNetjak (Nov 18, 2002)
I have to admit Ubi Soft has won me over as a fanboy ever since the creation of the Rainbow Six series. Being a fan of Tom Clancy as well as quality FPS titles; the two fit hand-in-hand. When I thought the genre just couldn't get any better, Ghost Recon was released and ended up being my "Game of the Year for 2001".
XboxArmchair Empire, The (Feb 08, 2003)
Splinter Cell oozes cool and sophistication from it’s lead character through it’s many and varied levels, and very slick control scheme. Basically, Splinter Cell is a great game (even with the difficulty level) and one worth playing through many times over – and with promised downloadable content via Xbox Live you could be playing this one for a long time.
95 (Jun 04, 2003)
Non on ne notera pas moins bien ce Splinter Cell sur GameCube par rapport aux autres supports sur lesquels il est déjà sorti. Et pourquoi donc ? Parce que les guerres de consoleux ne riment à rien et que l'on est bien obligé d'admettre que les développeurs nous honorent d'un bel effort pour adapter le jeu original sur une autre machine plutôt que de nous faire cracher du fric pour un portage bidon. Alors certes, la qualité technique n'est pas exactement celle de la version Xbox mais le titre ne perd rien de l'intense plaisir de jeu qu'il est susceptible d'offrir à son acquéreur ! C'est bien ça le principal !
95 (Feb 25, 2003)
Une merveille, tout simplement. Un gameplay riche et une réalisation à couper le souffle. Les maigres reproches que l'on pourrait adresser à SC sont loin de gâcher le plaisir de jeu. Le titre a eu droit à son 19/20 sur console, je ne vois pas de raison de l'en priver sur PC.
XboxActionTrip (Feb 18, 2003)
To cut a long story short, Splinter Cell is one heck of a game. Possibly the best game of the year. No other title in 2002 can rival the technical excellence and the phenomenal game design I've witnessed in Splinter Cell. Immersing, gritty, intelligent and hella fun to play - that's Splinter Cell, people!
XboxGameSpy (Nov 23, 2002)
Visually, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is spectacular. The textures are incredibly detailed -- probably some of the best I've seen on Xbox. The animations for Fisher are also incredibly smooth and lifelike. It's hard to believe Ubi Soft took the hand-drawn approach rather than using motion-capture. The end result is rather impressive. But the true star of Splinter Cell is the lighting. It left me speechless. Imagine seeing light coming through vents and then casting a shadow on the opposite wall. The engine also showcases real-time shadows and dynamic light sourcing. Without question, the presentation is perfect.
95 (Dec 18, 2002)
In Splinter Cell geht es primär nicht darum die Gegner umzunieten, sondern nicht entdeckt zu werden. Der beste Freund von Sam Fisher ist der Schatten. Der Schatten spielt im Spiel eine sehr wichtige Rolle. Anders als in anderen Tom Clancy Spielen hat man hier keinen Geräuschemeter sonder eine Stealth- Anzeige die einem sagt wie stark sichtbar man ist. Ist die Anzeige im schwarzen Bereich so ist man für den Gegner unsichtbar, andererseits ist er im hellen Bereich leuchtet man wie ein Weihnachtsbaum.
GameCubeGameZone (Apr 23, 2003)
To those unfamiliar with Splinter Cell, it puts you in the shoes of Sam Fisher, an experienced NSA super-spy who gets the orders to investigate the disappearance of two field agents in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. Much like the Metal Gear Solid series, you must use your intuition and cunning to remain as stealthy as possible as you complete your various missions using the tools with which you are provided. As Sam unravels the mystery, he uncovers a huge plot that could lead to World War III.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (May, 2003)
Seit Splinter Cell hat Metal Gear Solid (besonders Teil 2) für mich keine Bedeutung mehr. Okay, ein paar unlogische Kleinigkeiten gibt es zwar noch (Sam wird nicht gesehen, obwohl er drei fette Leuchten am Kopf trägtJ´). aber hey, es ist schließlich ein Videospiel! Positiv überrascht hat mich die GameCube-Umsetzung, welche sich keineswegs hinter dem Xbox-Original zu verstecken braucht.
94 (Dec 07, 2002)
Any gamer who enjoys the stealth/action genre and vicariously lives through the lives of covert assassins/operators will absolutely adore Splinter Cell. Do yourself a favour and pick it up without hesitation; you will have a grand time playing through what must be close to the real lives of these shadowy figures.
XboxWorth Playing (Dec 13, 2002)
This was obviously an intentional thing on the part of the developers, but still very frustrating. Also, the fact that Sam can be an inch from death yet still run around at full speed, literally unimpeded by the various flesh wounds he has sustained doesn’t help matters either. Nevertheless, these are minor qualms on an otherwise other-worldly experience that deserves the highest praise possible and should be used as a template for stealth-based games in the future.
WindowsCanadianGamer (May 06, 2003)
Without a multiplayer option, there is no love here for gamers looking to silently dispatch friends and family members online. But the key to the success of Splinter Cell is blissful single-player interactivity. There has never been an action shooter, or any game for that matter, that allows a character such a level of control over their environment. Fisher seems to be able to climb, smash or otherwise exert influence on virtually everything he sees. This freedom of movement, accompanied with fiendishly clever level design, compelling visual flourish and ingenious gadgetry makes Sam Fisher the top card in ANY most wanted game deck.
PlayStation 2PSX Extreme (Apr 02, 2003)
In the end, Splinter Cell's arrival on the PS2 is one that should NOT be missed by anybody. Splinter Cell is currently one of the finest PS2 games on the market and it deserves your attention. Ubi Soft Shanghai did an incredible job at porting Splinter Cell over to the PS2, as they've managed to keep the most important visual aspects well intact, and even made some accommodating aesthetic changes to most of the levels. It's arguably a different experience on the PS2, particularly because of the extra level, the changed objectives, the modified level designs, and the 30 extra minutes of CG cinema. If visuals aren't a factor to you, and you don't mind settling for a slight downgrade, the PS2 (or GameCube) version of Splinter Cell is your best bet.
WindowsIGN (Feb 18, 2003)
Chimes don't play when you open a door and a giant arrow doesn't point you to an end of a level, but the path from start to finish, however hard and requiring of reloads it might be, warrants and deserves the full attention of the PC gaming audience, regardless of whether or not they've already played the Xbox version. When properly powered, Splinter Cell is a supremely enjoyable product.
MacintoshMac Gamer (Dec 29, 2004)
Splinter Cell is one of the best sneaky third person shooters that I’ve ever played (I don’t think there are many others). The graphics, shadows especially, are fun to look at even if it does run a bit slow. I think this game is great and I hope to see Pandora Tomorrow come to the Mac some day.
XboxXbox Exclusive (2003)
Go out and get this game, you won't regret it. What else could you want in a game that has great graphics, gameplay and gadgets that would make James Bond envious!
XboxJust RPG (2003)
It's not often that a developer creates a game that depends on stealth with the addition of modern technology. With challenges such as video cameras, revealing lights, and snipers, Ubisoft has managed to pull this off.
XboxIC-Games (Jul 27, 2003)
As far as game-play and control are concerned, there are no problems with becoming Sam Fisher. The interfaces work very well. Special to note is the flawless manner that various aspects of being a master operative were integrated into the game. One of the most enjoyable experiences within the game is picking locks. I played this game all the way through to completion on the PC, but I got about halfway through on the Xbox version. The vibration through the duration to success of picking a lock was great. Many of the other systems were also very well done including keypads and interrogation. The control system works very well, and I felt that on the Xbox it took a while to get into and also that the controls often times did not stick if you were unable to pick up the controls for a week or so. I personally feel that this game is best played on the PC, because you can’t beat the keyboard-mouse combo.
92 (Jan 09, 2003)
Sam Fisher ei ole mikään Solid Snaken veroinen kovis, mutta Splinter Cellissä piisaa kyllä imua ilman henkilönpalvontaakin. Realistinen tunnelma ja oikean kaltaiset aseet luovat kiinnostavan ilmapiirin, jossa vaikeaakin tehtävää jaksaa väkertää kerrasta toiseen. Grafiikka toimii, kontrollit toimivat ja puutteidenkin kanssa voi elää. Ihmettelenpä, ellei tätä nähdä vielä lisää.
WindowsSvenska PC Gamer (Mar, 2003)
Splinter Cell är alltså ett spel som kombinerar det bästa i dagens shooters med smygelementen från Deus Ex, och dessutom gör det så snyggt och lättspelat att man knappt kan sluta. När spelet tog slut blev jag riktigt ledsen, men förhoppningsvis blir det en lika bra uppföljare någon gång inom en nära framtid. Vi vill se mer av Sam Fisher, hans akrobatiska konster och extrema gadgets, och vi vill se det snart.
GameCubeGame Over Online (Jan 08, 2003)
Despite these minor flaws, Splinter Cell is still an amazing title. In many ways, Tom Clancy’s magic with storytelling has provided gamers with a title that could be translated into a summer blockbuster. Fortunately, we have access to the game before Hollywood can get its hands on the story, and can savor a unique story that’s just as compelling as one of the author’s books. Plus, considering the number of military conflicts arising in the world, it’s not unreasonable to believe that this scenario could arise later this year or even next. On top of that, the exclusive features for the GameCube makes this a title no Nintendo owner should be without in their library.
XboxDarkZero (Dec 31, 2002)
I urge you to buy Splinter Cell but don’t expect Fun. Expect the worst but I guarantee you will enjoy every moment of it. This game is every thing a young boys dream is made of, Espionage, Guns and stealth. This game has raised the bar of stealth games and surpassed MGS, expect it to be copied in every way because it is a revolution. Just buy this game now and prepare from an experience you will never forget.
XboxGaming Target (Sep 13, 2003)
Aside from Halo, Splinter Cell is the best reason to own an Xbox. Those looking for yet another reason to dignify their purchase need look no further. While the technical nature of Splinter Cell may turn off casual gamers, whereas a game like Metal Gear Solid practically lays the answers out before you, most will find the do-it-yourself method to be more enjoyable on the whole. Although Metal Gear Solid may have the one-up in terms of storytelling and cinematic acting, Splinter Cell’s low-key approach to plot development is a refreshing change for those of us that would rather play our games than watch them. But Splinter Cell is not a perfect game. In fact, the touchy A.I. and the trial-and-error style of play will likely ruffle more than a few feathers, but in the end most will find Splinter Cell to be a highly enjoyable, greatly rewarding experience.
XboxGame Over Online (Jan 08, 2003)
Despite these minor flaws, Splinter Cell is still an amazing title. In many ways, Tom Clancy’s magic with storytelling has provided gamers with a title that could be translated into a summer blockbuster. Fortunately, we have access to the game before Hollywood can get its hands on the story, and can savor a unique story that’s just as compelling as one of the author’s books. Plus, considering the number of military conflicts arising in the world, it’s not unreasonable to believe that this scenario could arise later this year or even next. Ubi Soft has a title for best Xbox game of the year on its hands, and PC owners won’t be disappointed when it hits their systems later in January.
WindowsGameplay (Benelux) (Jan 31, 2003)
Met de beste ingame graphics tot op heden en gameplay om U tegen te zeggen, is dit de nieuwe standaard in het stealth/action genre.
WindowsActionTrip (Feb 18, 2003)
Overall, Ubi Montreal has done an admirable job on porting the game to the PC. For all intents and purposes, this is a very straightforward port with a lot of technical tweaks and some minor gameplay adjustments. There is still no multiplayer support, but the replay value is certainly increased by the fact that you will probably be compelled to finish the game on "hard," too. Splinter Cell (PC) is a successful continuation of the series and a worthy successor to the Xbox version. What this translates to, in other words, is one kick-ass sneaker shooter which every self-respecting PC gamer should own in their collection.
PlayStation 2GameSpy (Apr 14, 2003)
Some might call it a suicide mission -- a daunting challenge that requires every ounce of your technical knowhow and physical ability. The probability of failure far outweighs the slim chance of success. One false move and you're a dead man. No, I'm not talking about going behind enemy lines and cracking an international terrorist ring. I'm talking about the terrifying task of bringing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell to the PS2.
MacintoshGames4Mac (2004)
Gameplay, Sound und Grafik sind wirklich beeindruckend und so kann Splinter Cell neue Maßstäbe auf dem Mac als Stealth-Action setzen. Leider gibt es nur 9 Missionen die aber zum Teil sehr komplex sind. Nach etwa 15 Stunden könnt ihr (leider) schon die Endsequenz betrachten.
91 (Dec 04, 2002)
Splinter Cell ist das bis dato beste "Stealth-Action" Game auf dem Konsolenmarkt. Sam Fishers Abenteuer lösen ein, was Metal Gear Solid 2 versprach und man kann nur hoffen, dass die Starentwickler bei Konami für ihren nächsten Teil sich weniger aufs Filmemachen konzentrieren und sich das eine oder andere von Splinter Cell abschauen.
91 (Feb 24, 2003)
Noch nie hat man sich wirklich so als Spion gefühlt, wie in der Polygon-Haut von Sam Fisher. Splinter Cell ist der erste ernsthafte Versuch, das dramatische Leben eines Spezialagenten hautnah zu zeichnen. Und das ist Ubi Soft auch in der PC-Version auf ganzer Linie gelungen: Hoch motiviert schleicht man sich durch die Levels, immer wieder davon fasziniert, welche spielerischen Möglichkeiten man hat. Zwar raubt die Quicksave-Option mitunter etwas Spannung, aber letztendlich liegt es ja am Spieler, ob und wie oft er diese nutzt. Ansonsten ist Splinter Cell schon jetzt eins der besten PC-Programme des Jahres - und Sam Fisher einer der coolsten Spielehelden, die es zurzeit gibt.
WindowsPC Zone Benelux (Feb, 2003)
Desalniettemin behoort Splinter Cell grafisch tot de beste games ooit, en verdient hij wat ons betreft ook op zijn andere aspecten een podiumplaats. Hulde voor Ubi Soft Canada.
WindowsGameStar (Germany) (Feb, 2003)
Splinter Cell ist mein neues Action-Evangelium: Die perfekte Mischung aus Schleichen, Tricksen und Ballern wird einfach nie langweilig! Und dank Quicksave-Funktion kann ich jede noch so schwere Passage auf zig Arten ausprobieren. So stört mich kaum, dass der Waffenwechsel manchmal zu einer kleinen Ewigkeit verkommt. Begeistert halte ich inne, als Sam an einer wurmstichigen Wand entlangschleicht und sich kleine Lichtstrahlen auf seinem Luxuskörper brechen. Schade nur, dass die Spielzeit mit meinem Helden so schnell vorbei ist – ein paar Levels mehr wären angemessen gewesen. Und einen Mehrspielermodus mit den coolen Gagdets könnte ich mir auch spannend vorstellen. Denn genau so müssen moderne Spiele sein – intelligent und grafisch auf der Höhe.
XboxGame Revolution (Dec 01, 2002)
Don't let that sway you, though, because this is one of the best games to come out for the Xbox this year. Its combination of great gameplay mechanics and simply astounding graphics easily outweigh its faults. Trust me, you will see the light.
XboxGaming Age (Dec 06, 2002)
Bottom line? This is the best Xbox game released to date - yes, better than Halo. If you have an Xbox and you don?t give Splinter Cell a chance, you?re an absolute fool.
Xbox1UP (Nov, 2002)
Splinter Cell is a perfect example of style meets substance. While the audiovisuals are cutting edge in their pursuit of realism, what sets the game apart is how both aspects are integrated into gameplay. In true stealth-action fashion, sticking to the shadows renders you invisible to enemy guards, allowing for some truly classic moments where you actually feel like a predator stalking his prey. Throw in a wide assortment of useful (and fascinating) gadgets with responsive, no-fuss controls and you've got an adventure that's both inventive and fun. But I have two complaints: You can't skip cut-scenes, and the story isn't really all that exciting. Nitpicks aside, it's a must-buy for Xbox owners.
WindowsPC Action (Germany) (Jan 22, 2003)
Das klingt jetzt vielleicht bescheuert, aber ich glaube, dass mich Splinter Cell zu einem besseren Spieler gemacht hat. Hier lernen Sie, eine Situation in Sekundenbruchteilen einzuschätzen, um am Leben zu bleiben. Alarmierte Wachen stürmen herbei! Verstecke ich mich in der Nische dort drüben? Soll ich mich lieber ans Heizungsrohr klammern, das an der Decke entlangläuft? Lasse ich mich auf ein Feuergefecht ein, oder mache ich mich unauffällig aus dem Staub? Greife ich mir einen Wachmann als lebenden Schutzschild? Jeder einzelne Abschnitt des Spiels fordert die Kreativität des Spielers. Spielspaß pur und Mega-Optik - Splinter Cell ist ein Meisterwerk!
GameCubeIGN (Apr 04, 2003)
That's not to say that this GameCube version is superior -- in many ways, it's not. Ubi Soft's Shanghai team definitely cut some technical corners in porting the title to Nintendo's console, and the results are visible, but not necessarily obvious. Splinter Cell on GameCube is still a very pretty game and every bit as fun as it ever was. In fact, thanks to the new gameplay polishing and Game Boy Advance connectivity enhancements, it might even be just a tiny bit more fun for some Nintendo gamers, myself included. Is it less pretty? Sure. But for those who have no other gaming alternatives, you could certainly do a lot worse. The porting business is a tricky one, and we're glad to see that Ubi Soft pulled this project off with enough grace to put us in awe of Mr. Fisher all over again.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (May 09, 2003)
Finally, the strongest effect is the little nuances that make a stealth game great. This is, the little noises you make if you're not careful. See, when you're walking along grating, I'd suggest being quiet, as it will make a noise to alert guards. Same on creaky wood, or worse, walking on broken glass. All these little tricks are well reproduced in the game, and becomes something to be wary of if you're irresponsible.
PlayStation 2IGN (Mar 24, 2003)
Tom Clancy books always make for good games. They have compelling storylines, sophisticated characters and most importantly, lots of action. But what happens when you make a Tom Clancy game from scratch, no book or idea to draw inspiration from? Well, you might end up with a game like Splinter Cell.
WindowsGame Revolution (Mar 01, 2003)
If you grow bored with twitch-action mayhem, rocket launchers and the dumbest enemies ever, then you may want to step into Sam Fisher's quiet and quite menacing shoes. Likewise, if you enjoy the notion of taunting your hapless victims from the shadow and weep every time Buffalo Bill puts on his night-vision goggles in The Silence of the Lambs, you too should definitely give this game a gander. And finally, if you just like video games and own a good PC, then pick this up, don the black duds of Sam Fisher, and instantly become a fan of the stealth/adventure genre.
PlayStation (UK) (Mar 28, 2003)
If you're even vaguely intrigued by the prospect of the best stealth game the world has ever seen, then our advice is to buy this immediately. It's challenging, well paced, satisfying and features some of the best visual trickery the PS2 has pulled off to date. It may be too frustrating for some tastes, but to pass it by would be to deny yourself one of the best games around. It may have taken an 80-strong Chinese code (sweat) shop to convert, but it's been worth the effort. Ubi Soft deserves massive credit for this, and a massive hit to boot. Enjoy.
90 (Jun 02, 2003)
Auch auf dem GameCube startet Sam Fisher voll durch und sollte nicht nur Genre-Fans eine Menge Freude und Spielspaß bereiten. Mit den bereits aus der PS2-Version bekannten Features und im Vergleich zur Xbox neuen Steuerungsoptionen sind die Unterschiede zwischen den Sony- und Nintendo-Fassungen zwar nur marginal, doch das GameCube-exklusive GBA-Feature ist eine mehr als nette Ergänzung, die gewaltig an der Atmosphäre-Schraube dreht - insofern man gewillt ist, sie sinnvoll einzusetzen. Grafisch insgesamt auf einem hohen Niveau und mit Ausnahme der hin und wieder auftauchenden Ruckler gut an den GameCube angepasst und im Soundbereich schon seit der Xbox-Fassung unverändert gut, werden Spannung und Atmosphäre auf einem beständig hohen Niveau gehalten.
PlayStation (Apr 02, 2003)
Respekt! Anstatt sich mit einer einfachen Umsetzung zu begnügen, was sicherlich auch seinen Zweck erfüllt hätte, entschloss sich Ubi Soft die PS2-Version gewaltig aufzupeppen. Nicht nur, dass die Grafik optimal an die PS2 angepasst wurde - mit den leicht veränderten, aber dennoch sinnvollen neuen Steuerungsoptionen, neu arrangierten Abschnitten und den aufwändig produzierten Renderfilmen bekommen Stealth-Fans weitaus mehr geboten als eine platte Xbox-Konvertierung. Da sowohl Spannung als auch Atmosphäre auf einem beständig hohen Niveau gehalten werden, führt auch auf der PS2 kein Weg an Sam Fisher vorbei - selbst eingeschworene Solid Snake-Anhänger werden sich nicht dem spielerischen Charme von Splinter Cell entziehen können.
90 (Feb 27, 2003)
Nachdem die Xbox-Fassung bereits gewaltige Lorbeeren einheimsen konnte und zudem noch zum Xbox-Spiel des Jahres 2002 gekürt wurde, ist es nicht weiter verwunderlich, dass Splinter Cell auf dem PC ebenfalls mit zu den Spielen gehört, die eigentlich jeder ganz oben auf seiner Wunschliste haben sollte. Die Grafik ist schlichtweg eine Pracht, ohne all zu große Anforderungen zu stellen, die Soundkulisse ist absolut stimmig und spielerisch hat das durchdachte Abenteuer von Sam Fisher ja schon auf der Microsoft-Konsole bewiesen, was in ihm steckt. Zwar gibt es mit dem hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad und dem streng linearen Levelaufbau ein paar Punkte, die für Unmut sorgen, doch unter dem Strich wird Splinter Cell dem Hype absolut gerecht und dürfte sich als einer der herausragenden PC-Titel dieses Jahres etablieren.
GameCubeGameSpy (Apr 07, 2003)
Good lord! What am I doing, tearing at tiny details from one of the best games in recent memory? Enough already! Be proud that you stuck to your guns, GameCube loyalists, because not only can you compare notes with all the Bill Gates cronies out there -- you can generate envy with some inventive details that no other platform will ever boast. Take that, Xbox exclusive!
WindowsGameSpy (Feb 22, 2003)
With topnotch sound effects and ambient music to match the visuals, Splinter Cell has tons going for it. It has a few weaknesses that can't be entirely ignored, but happily, most of your time with Splinter Cell will likely be spent enjoying all the exciting and immersive moments the game has to offer.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Mar, 2003)
We could argue that Splinter Cell is still heavily script-driven, often resulting in much trial-and-error playing, or that given its PC centric save-anywhere-anytime system, the game is on the easy side. We could bitch about how, despite its sharp photorealistic graphics, the game still lacks built-in anti-aliasing for a less jagged look, or lament about how Sam Fisher’s standard 5.7mm sidearm has about as much stopping power as a water weenie. But we won’t, because that would be missing the big, gorgeous, and utterly compelling picture. This is, hands-down, one of the best stealth-action games on the PC. Don’t have an Xbox? You still don’t need one.
XboxGamereactor (Sweden) (May 08, 2003)
Överlag är Splinter Cell ett lysande spel på alla sätt och vis. Det kan bli frustrerande ibland, men det är en helt ny upplevelse som inget annat spel erbjudit. Och grafiken är som sagt sensationell. Det ska bli intressant att se hur Playstation 2- och Gamecube-versionerna blir, men om Microsoft hade haft något vett i kroppen så skulle de ha köpt exklusivitet på det här spelet. En klar systemsäljare som räddar vintern för alla Xbox-fans.
WindowsGamereactor (Sweden) (May 08, 2003)
Överlag är Splinter Cell ett lysande spel på alla sätt och vis. Det kan bli frustrerande ibland, men det är en helt ny upplevelse som inget annat spel erbjudit. Och grafiken är som sagt sensationell. Det ska bli intressant att se hur Playstation 2- och Gamecube-versionerna blir, till PC är detta i alla fall enastående och lika bra som originalutgåvan. Synd för Microsoft som verkligen borde ha köpt total exklusivitet på det här spelet, för nu kan du lika gärna spela det på din PC.
XboxX-Power (Dec 17, 2002)
De enige logische conclusie die ik kan vormen na het spelen van Splinter Cell is dat we hier te maken hebben met een spel dat alle verwachtingen, hooggespannen als ze waren, inlost. Zoals zowat elk spel is het niet voor iedereen, maar iedereen die zelfs de lichtste interesse heeft voor spionage/stealth zal wel in de wolken zijn van Splinter Cell. Sam Fisher en zijn wereld zijn zo overtuigend dat je je in een speelbare film waant. Negen intensieve levels staan je te wachten, en het spel verveelt op geen enkel moment. Mensen die echter snel opgeven wanneer een spel uitdagend worden dienen zich echter niet aan te melden. Splinter Cell verkoopt alvast vrij goed, en in mijn opinie is dat meer dan terecht !
WindowsJoystick (French) (Mar, 2003)
Splinter Cell ne nous a pas déçus. On s'attendait à un grand jeu d'infiltration, on est servi. C'est une réussite sur tous les plans : qualité des missions, maniabilité du personnage, variété des décors, graphismes, animation... Un titre majeur que tous les fans de jeu vidéo se doivent de posséder.
XboxPower Unlimited (Dec, 2002)
Splinter Cell is een spygame om je vingers bij af te likken. Na Halo is dit eindelijk weer eens zo'n killer waarvoor je een Xbox in huis haalt.
90 (Dec 24, 2002)
Overall, Splinter Cell is one of the best games to hit the Xbox since its launch in March, and is certainly a good match for Metal Gear Solid 2. Although it may not be quite as cinematic as Konami's masterpiece, it has better graphics, more atmosphere and a wider selection of moves and gadgets, making it one of the best, if not the best stealthy-action game across any platform.
XboxPAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (Feb 14, 2003)
Splinter Cell has ten missions overall – including training – and that may not seem a lot at first, but once you realise that these missions can take anywhere from one to three hours to complete, you’ll appreciate the length of the game. You can play the through one of two difficulty settings, Normal and Expert, the latter being only for those who stare death in the face. The Xbox version also includes the ability to download extra levels from Xbox Live, indefinitely extending the length of the game until Splinter Cell 2 comes out.
XboxGameCell UK (2003)
Even with a few noticeable flaws, Splinter Cell is one of the best Xbox games so far and provides a tense, challenging experience, and downloadable levels on Xbox live promise an extended lifespan. It's like MGS2 with much better and varied levels, but without the painful link sequences and weird sci-fi bits (and we think that's a good thing).
XboxDarkstation (Nov 17, 2002)
This is definitely going to be a high bid for a game of the year winner. There are so many things that Splinter Cell does well, and it is still amazing even after you complete the whole game. The replay value is definitely there you will most likely want to go back and try the game out on hard and then there is still downloadable content soon to come. This is one of those games that I would recommend to anyone, this is sure to make anyone happy over the holidays.
XboxExtreme Gamer (Dec 23, 2002)
Splinter Cell is amazing and you'll be happy you picked an Xbox when you get your hands on this one. The games graphics and level of gameplay makes a Splinter Cell an instant classic. Don't delay - "Pick This Sucka Up!"
90 (GAF) (Apr 28, 2003)
Splinter Cell’s high frustration/difficulty level and the required slow progression means that it might not be for everyone. However, the feeling of accomplishment for completion is greater because of this challenge. Splinter Cell is a sight to behold with the best use of lighting and cloth effects on any system. With promised downloadable content through Xbox Live, you could constantly be getting pulled out of retirement for just one more mission.
90 (UK) (Dec 04, 2002)
But will you want to part with your cash? If you're even remotely a fan of the Metal Gear series, or fancy a cutting edge stealth based game then the answer is, of course, yes. If you find trial and error based games hugely annoying, and haven't got hours to spare learning the intricacies of each of the nine levels, then you'd be better off trying before you buy. At the very least try it - you might just like it, (and frankly it'd be rude not to), if only to admire the delicious visuals on display. We reckon it stands tall as one of the games of the year, and along with Halo one of the main reasons to own an Xbox - although a PC version is due out at the end of January.
El juego de Sam Fisher es ya un clásico (recordemos que esta crítica esta escrita a comienzos de 2005), pero más aún, nació ya con maneras de clásico. Un juego original, un apartado técnico de lujo, y es que Splinter Cell, propuso una muy interesante y espectacular forma de ver los juegos de infiltración. El tiempo ha pasado y otros títulos semejantes en temática han superado en calidad general a Splinter Cell, como The Chronicles of Riddick, o la continuación Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, pero para la historia y para el presente Sam Fisher quedará como el héroe que deslumbró al mundo del videojuego en el 2002. Ahora podemos numerar puntos negativos, como el que no tenga modo multijugador, o el que no tenga modo online. Pero sería como pedir a Colón que además de descubrir América escribiese Hamlet. Rescatar este título del catálogo de Xbox tiene premio, pues sigue siendo hermosísimo técnicamente y jugablemente podremos decir que hemos disfrutado de un pionero.
90 (Jun 05, 2003)
Splinter Cell ist auf jeden Fall ein sehr spannendes und anspruchsvolles Taktik-Action Spiel, das mit seiner Spieltiefe, Filmreifer Story und vor Allem mit seiner Grafikpracht besticht. Deshalb ist tagelanger, wenn nicht wochenlanger Spielspaß garantiert. Das heißt: wer Spiele wie Dark Project oder Metal Gear Solid mochte, wird Splinter Cell auf jeden Fall lieben. Auf jeden Fall einen Kauf wert.
90 (Nov 21, 2002)
Mit Splinter Cell bricht eine neue Zeitrechnung für Stealth-Action an. Anfänglich fühlt man sich zwar an den Genre-Vorreiter Metal Gear Solid 2 erinnert, doch die Ähnlichkeiten bleiben an der Oberfläche. Denn wo Solid Snake immer wieder in den Action-Bereich abdriftet, bleibt Sam Fisher lieber im Schatten und versucht, die Gehirnzellen herauszufordern. Aufgrund des durchdachten Gameplays und vor allem der stimmigen Atmosphäre, die von Grafik und Sound gezaubert wird, hat sich Splinter Cell den Award redlich verdient. Zwar gibt es mit dem hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad und dem streng linearen Levelaufbau ein paar Punkte, die für Unmut sorgen, doch unter dem Strich wird Splinter Cell dem Hype absolut gerecht und dürfte sich als einer der herausragenden Titel des ausklingenden Xbox-Jahres etablieren. Solid Snake hat in Sam Fisher einen ebenbürtigen Partner gefunden, der sich vor allem an die richtet, denen der Stealth-Anteil in MGS2 zu gering war.
90 Games (Mar 17, 2003)
Respekt, Respekt! Ubi Soft hat es wieder einmal geschafft eine Tom Clancy-Vorlage perfekt in ein Spiel zu integrieren. Eine packende Story, abwechslungsreiche Missionen, eine glaubwürdige Zukunftsvision und das alles verpackt in wunderschöner Grafik und einer auch ansonsten gelungenen technischen Präsentation. Warum die kanadischen Entwickler aber eine dermaßen einseitige Geschichte erzählen ist mir nicht ganz klar. Die amerikanischen Weltretter – geführt von einem General der aussieht wie der nette Opa von nebenan und einem Mr. „Good Guy“-Präsidenten – gegen das grundsätzlich Böse aus China und Georgien. Erst wenn man die privaten E-Mails der chinesischen Soldaten liest findet man so etwas wie menschliche Züge - wenn beispielsweise die Frau eines Bösewichts ihn bittet ihr zu versichern, dass er an irgendwelchen barbarischen Akten nicht teilnimmt.
WindowsGry o2 (Apr 09, 2004)
Suma Summarium... Splinter Cell jest grą naprawdę godną polecenia. Jest tutaj wszystko, co cechuje najlepsze gry akcji – wyśmienita oprawa audio-wizualna oraz nieprzeciętny klimat. Co prawda można trochę ponarzekać na sztuczną inteligencję strażników, ale nie ma róży bez kolców. Gra ze ‘stajni’ Toma Clancy’ego jest jednym z najlepszych tytułów roku 2003 i na pewno będzie w czołówce w przeróżnych plebiscytach, próbujących wyłonić Grę Roku 2003. Czy wygra – tego powiedzieć nie potrafię. Ale mogę z czystym sumieniem polecić ją każdemu, kto lubi ciekawe i ładnie zrealizowane gry. Rzekłem.
GameCubeN-Zone (Jul 08, 2003)
Eines ist sicher: Ob Xbox, PS2 oder GC, den Entwicklern sind alle drei Versionen geglückt. Zwar mögen einige unter euch, die Sams Missionen bereits auf der Xbox angespielt haben, einige Unterschiede feststellen, allerdings ist das nicht immer nur von Nachteil. Der Frust ständig scheiternder Mission hält sich bei PS2 und Würfel in erträglichen Grenzen, wohingegen die Xbox-Fassung sicherlich schon so manchen Zocker fast in den Wahnsinn getrieben hat. Dieser Aspekt tröstet einen über fehlende Details, wie z. B. weniger aufwendiges Leveldesign und sparsamer verwendete Texturen ein klein wenig hinweg. Alles in allem ist Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (egal auf welcher Konsole) ein geniales Spiel, das ihr euch keinesfalls entgehen lassen solltet!
90 (Jan 21, 2003)
plinter Cell has raised the bar on “stealth” games such as Metal Gear Solid 2, Hitman, and others. The graphics are stunning, and watching how Sam Fisher skulks around is awesome. The movements are very fluid for a computer character. Add the nifty weapons and gadgets, and you will find yourself immersed in the Tom Clancy World.
GameCubeDigital Entertainment News (den) (Aug 10, 2003)
If you want to play the game that set the Xbox world afire last year, you finally can and until Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes come along, there isn't anything else like it on the GameCube.
XboxAll Game Guide (2002)
Each mission becomes more involving than the last, requiring full command of Fisher's many moves, whether it's avoiding searchlights, disarming a bomb, picking a lock, or hiding the body of a cook in the freezer. Bon appétit. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is one of the most impressive games released on the Xbox, one of the rare titles where turning off the lights is often more effective than squeezing the trigger.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Feb 27, 2003)
Ich bin süchtig! Nach der Installation habe ich so lange am Stück gespielt, bis ich beim Gang zur Redaktionstoilette Halluzinationen von schwarz vermummten Gestalten an Kabelkanälen und Deckenrohren hatte. Kein Wunder, Splinter Cell erfordert volle Aufmerksamkeit - und das über Stunden. So vergisst man nicht nur schnell die Zeit und wichtige Termine (die Deadline für diesen Artikel zum Beispiel). Eins stört mich aber: Ich will gar nicht immer und überall speichern können, denn ohne das Sicherheitsnetz Quicksave geht man mit viel offeneren Augen durch die Karten und entdeckt deshalb weitere coole Lösungswege. Noch hoffe ich, dass die Entwickler bei Ubi Soft einlenken und in der verbleibenden Entwicklungszeit bis zum 27. Februar einen "Nightmare"-Modus ohne Quicksave nachliefern. Sonst muss ich wohl die Tasten aus meiner Tastatur hebeln, denn mit reiner Selbstdisziplin schaffe ich es nicht, der "Speicher-Versuchung" zu widerstehen.
WindowsArmchair Empire, The (Apr 20, 2003)
Let’s face it. Metal Gear basically invented the stealth sneaker genre. There have been clones and copies, some of them successful, like Hitman. Successful as they may be, none of them really topped Japan’s coveted espionage thriller. Red Storm’s offering, Splinter Cell, a new series under the Clancy name, is the latest to challenge Metal Gear’s dominance.
XboxGamingTrend (2005)
A great game marred by too much trial and error. At least more missions are coming for X-Box Live. The rumor is the first level will be free but the rest you will have to pay for. This is great if the levels are not already created, but if they purposefully kept levels from the final game in order to get money I give Ubi Soft thumbs down.
88 (Feb 27, 2003)
Splinter Cell is the kind of game you finish once, either enjoying every second or trembling with anger when some method doesn't delivers the expected results. It's exactly the kind of game that leaves powerful traces to you because from a certain point of view is unique and also imposes new standards.
XboxGame Informer Magazine (Jan, 2003)
What we have on our hands is a game that is most assuredly good, but far from the masterpiece that Halo was. If I could rate a game based purely on its graphical power, there’s no doubt that this would have been given a 10 instantly. The gameplay simply acts as a moderate restraint on the overall enjoyment the title can deliver. It’s worthy of purchase, but not worship.
WindowsGameSpot (Feb 19, 2003)
One of the most popular, most successful, and best looking games for Microsoft's Xbox is now on the PC, and in some ways it's even better than the original version.
XboxGameSpot (Nov 18, 2002)
Splinter Cell is a great game on its own merits, and it offers a slick and rewardingly suspenseful gameplay experience that's sometimes reduced to frustrating bouts of trial and error.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine (May, 2003)
After many months of listening to your friends brag about how cool Splinter Cell is on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC, the minority in gaming will finally have the chance to return the favor and trumpet the exclusive content built into the GameCube version. Unfortunately, to access the new material that has been added, you’ll have to rely on connectivity ­– which means you’ll need a Game Boy Advance. And if you truly want to see everything, you’ll also need the handheld version of Splinter Cell.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Apr, 2003)
For some reason, Ubi removed large chunks of material from the original Xbox version. Assuming it did so simply because of technical inadequacies of the PS2, I Initially laughed and teased the PS2 – rudely playing the role of crony for big bully Xbox. Shortly thereafter, PS2 proceeded to sucker-punch me, showing me the error of my ways. I am now inclined to think that perhaps the game was changed simply for variety's sake.
WindowsGry OnLine (Apr 03, 2003)
Głównym bohaterem SC jest Sam Fisher, agent NSA (National Security Agency), oficjalnie człowiek nieistniejący. Sam to osoba do zadań specjalnych o najwyższym stopniu tajności – w zasadzie można go określić terminem „jednoosobowa armia”. Teoretycznie nie ma misji, której nie jest w stanie wykonać, dlatego też zazwyczaj trafiają mu się zadania typu „uratuj świat”, co udaje mu się zupełnie dobrze. Tym razem Sam musi uchronić świat przed była republiką radziecką – Gruzją – i jej agresywnie nastawionym do świata (w szczególności do USA) prezydentem. Cała gra to ciąg misji związanych z wyjaśnieniem sytuacji w Gruzji, jednak poszczególne etapy rozgrywają się w różnych zakątkach globu.
85 (Jan 06, 2003)
Il fallait une bonne dose de courage pour s'attaquer à Metal Gear Solid, l'empereur des jeux d'action-infiltration. Et sans doute pas mal de perfectionnisme, tant la barre était haute. C'est pourtant bien le pari qu'Ubisoft est parvenu à réaliser. Pour y parvenir, l'équipe de Montréal a préféré choisir la qualité de finition à l'originalité. Splinter Cell bénéficie d'une réalisation sans faille, tant sur le plan technique que sur celui de la jouabilité. Et de ce point de vue, il ne s'agit rien de moins que d'une révolution, à l'heure où le patching est plus que jamais la norme. Grâce à cette qualité, il peut sans honte s'afficher comme l'alternative U.S. au titre phare d'Ideo Kojima.
WindowsGameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands) (Feb 26, 2003)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is zonder twijfel één van de beste stealth/actiegames op de markt en is een must voor de liefhebbers van het genre. Ook voor de nieuwkomers in het stealth-genre is het een absolute aanrader. De grote variëteit aan bewegingen, gadgets en missies zorgt voor voldoende uitdaging. Kortom, Splinter Cell verdient een plaatsje bij de beste singleplayergametitels ooit.
GameCubeGameSpot (Apr 04, 2003)
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is undoubtedly one the best examples of a stealth game to date, and it will surely appeal to those who've enjoyed similar games in the past. Or, if you like the idea or even just the look of Splinter Cell but haven't played a stealth game before, then this is a perfectly good place to start. Either way, chances are you'll really enjoy the experience for as long as it lasts. You'll have a great time experimenting with and effectively using Sam Fisher's variety of moves and gadgets, and the game's big missions should provide a significant challenge.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (Apr 04, 2003)
One of the most popular, most successful, and best-looking games for Microsoft's Xbox is now on the PS2, and in certain ways it's better than the original. Reminiscent less of games like Metal Gear Solid and more of games like Thief: The Dark Project and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell is a stealth-driven action adventure that sends you, as operative Sam Fisher, around the globe on numerous highly secretive and very dangerous assignments.
WindowsPlayback (Jun, 2006)
Splinter Cell to bardzo dobry tytuł znacznie odbiegający od panujących ostatnio standardów gier akcji. Na szczęście nie jest to kolejny bezmyślny tytuł, w którym tylko zabijamy, a wręcz przeciwnie, tutaj się ukrywamy. Mimo upływu trzech lat od daty premiery tej produkcji, nadal zachowuje ona swój wysoki poziom. Gra się bardzo przyjemnie i na pewno się nie nudzi.
XboxThe Video Game Critic (Apr 02, 2003)
Overall Splinter Cell provides a terrific fix for cerebral gamers who crave strategy. But those looking for nonstop action and mayhem won't get too far.
GameCubeGame Shark (Jan 26, 2003)
This is a very fun way to spend 20 hours. With all the ways to complete a level you'll find yourself doing tasks more then once just to get it right. And by encouraging you to take your time and move slowly through each section you take notice to the planning that goes into every move you make. This game is a definite buy for all those espionage-focused gamers with a good eye for quality
82 (May 19, 2003)
Splinter Cell's reputation has preceded it for the release on the PC and deservedly so. It is a very well produced game of considerably quality. The weaknesses present aren't glaring and don't detract much from what is a very good gaming experience. Comparing it to another recent PC release, namely Novalogic's Black Hawk Down, Splinter Cell has a slower and more deliberate pace whereas the former is very much a faster action packed experience. Black Hawk Down has a much shorter single player game, but Splinter Cell has no multiplayer feature for longevity and it's linear design means you'll probably not want to play through it again. If you are thinking about purchasing one of the two basically just think about what style of gameplay you'd most enjoy. Whatever your choice, Splinter Cell will surely provide a satisfying gaming experience.
PlayStation (May 10, 2003)
So, now we've confirmed that this is a 'good' game, does it live up to the standards of its Xbox counterpart? Well the game definitely seems more complete with an extra level, more video, improved musical score and better interaction. The graphics, although exceptional, are always going to fall short of the Xbox's capabilities. It seems too, that with only one game play mode this game is going to be picked up and put down in weeks. One of its selling points has to be its cinematic look and feel but it has also been aimed at this game that this element has been a detriment to the games sense of fun and enjoyment. The addition of a multiplayer option or some kind of shorter arcade-style missions might have been an interesting improvement, but as it goes this game is still damned impressive. It could be argued the heavy attention to slow deliberation and guile has detracted from the titles sense of 'play', but if this floats your boat then you are going to love Splinter Cell.
XboxSuper Play (Sweden) (Nov, 2002)
Som jag nämnde tidigare så skapas extremt höga förväntningar efter att man tagit del av spelets första banor. Som en bortskämd unge i en godisbutik vill man frossa i interaktivitet och grafiska fyrverkerier. Mycket vill ha mer, sägs det, men efter att ha spelat det sönder och samman inser jag att Splinter Cell är tillräckligt för att fängsla mig.
80 (UK) (Jun 16, 2003)
Despite the Cube version being about as exciting to owners of the original as the resignation of a government cabinet minister to a blind, deaf mosquito from North Africa, it stands as one of the essential games to own on the platform, providing it's your one and only games system. If you're lucky enough to own other systems too, we'd suggest you check out those versions for the simple reason that you get more value for money. Which one's the best out of the lot? We'd have to still stick with the Xbox, despite its tendency to result in the destruction of joypads and passing enquiring faces. Whatever. If you still don't own Splinter Cell, we suggest you do the decent thing and march yourself off to the shops forthwith!
PlayStation 2Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 08, 2003)
Splinter Cell är fortfarande precis lika hårslitande svårt och kontrollen är perfekt överförd. Det är alltså egentligen bara grafiken som skiljer versionerna åt, och ibland är skillnaden faktiskt inte så stor där heller. Men för varje väl bevarat kontorsrum och trapphus finns en avklippt korridor eller ett öppet fönster som inte längre släpper in ett disigt morgonljus. Det känns lite som lightversionen. Har du möjlighet, skaffa Xbox-spelet istället. Men hobbyagenter som sitter med enbart en Playstation 2 kommer inte att bli besvikna.
MacintoshmacHOME (2004)
A tense, engaging action game, Splinter Cell's stealth motif is supported by all of the gadgets and character movements. While we don't think it allows you to make enough choices through levels -and none to alter the plot -its exciting action kept us playing.
XboxGames TM (Dec, 2002)
With many gamers finding Metal Gear Solid 2 a bit of a let down, and no other big Japanese companies even trying to create something on a similar scale, it's great to see a Western developer taking on the challenge. Even though it isn't quite perfect, Splinter Cell is still a stunning title that deserves to be praised. Nice one, Ubi Soft.
WindowsGildia Gier Komputerowych (Oct 10, 2006)
Splinter Cell jest naprawdę znakomitą grą, produkcją z najwyższej półki. Niektórzy mogą się spierać, że gra jest dość trudna, ale przecież główny bohater, to Sam Fisher, a nie Serious Sam. Nikt nie mówi, że będzie łatwo, tu trzeba poobserwować i dopiero iść przed siebie. Otrzymaliśmy godnego następcę Thief’a, natomiast serii Metal Gear Solid wyrósł groźny rywal. Gra dostaje u mnie 8, 10 nie rozdaję, a 9 odebrała grze liniowość.
MacintoshAppleLinks.Com (Nov 22, 2004)
In the end, is Splinter Cell fun to play? If you're looking for a game which uses stealth over action and has an interesting and evolving story, excellent graphics, and a gameplay which rewards patience, then this is the game for you. You won't be disappointed, since Splinter Cell is very well made and Sam Fisher himself is fun to play. On the other hand, if you're looking for a game where you have unlimited ammunition and you are nearly invulnerable as you rampage through each level, then you should look for a different game.
80 PC Gaming (May 03, 2003)
Splinter Cell was a great game over all. There were a few things that got annoying after a while but for the most part it was really challenging and once I started playing the game, I couldn’t stop.
XboxGame Critics (Dec 11, 2002)
At its core, Splinter Cell is a relatively simple game giving the player more tricks than the game seems to need. Because of the non-decisions you make for most of the game, the only real freedom the game offers is the versatile assault rifle, giving you many options to approach a potentially disastrous situation with cameras, guards and innocent bystanders all factoring into your final decision. It's sad to see so much potential lost in what is your basic action game with heavily emphasized stealth elements. Otherwise Splinter Cell is an outstandingly detailed game, ushering in a new age of graphics, and hopefully more games will follow suit in using graphics not only as a tool for immersing a player into the experience, but also allowing players to use it as part of their arsenal. And hopefully future installments of this game will allow freedom to the players, visible pain to the enemies and an equal amount of versatile moves and weapons. And what a game that could turn out to be.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG) (Oct 13, 2004)
Thanks to Aspyr Media we finally have Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell on our wonderful platform. Yes, it has been a couple years since UbiSoft launched it for the Xbox console system. Do not worry though, the years have been kind to Sam Fisher and the Third Echelon because even playing the Xbox version cannot compare to the level of detail that you will get owning the Mac version. Just how great is this game you ask? Well, not better than sliced bread, if that’s what you are looking for. But for you carb friendly readers out there that don’t eat the bread it’s pretty damn good.
XboxBordersdown (2003)
But then, most of Splinter Cell is familiar. It’s not a game that can claim a huge amount of originality, but what it does well is gather the best stealth elements from the Thief series, Rainbow Six, Metal Gear Solid and others and tries to compress them into the best single player stealth game yet. In doing so, the developers have introduced some problems of their own, but this still remains a worthy purchase. Just don’t believe the hype.
XboxGame Critics (Jan 22, 2003)
I was very excited to get my hands on Splinter Cell and had been looking forward to it since the first screenshots. The Xbox has been badly in need of another superstar title besides Halo, and Splinter Cell was poised to be it. The game's abundant "cool" is plain even to casual observers, and it's almost inconceivable that it would fail to impress. However, as much as I wanted to like it, the various gadgetry and other elements just don't come together without a solid core to attach themselves to. I wish Ubi Soft had spent more time expanding the gameplay instead of tweaking the lighting and shadow. As striking as the presentation is, the actual play feels very shallow and limited. If these issues are addressed, a future sequel should be incredible.
WindowsClubic (Mar 06, 2003)
Splinter Cell est un plaisir de tous les instants. Ses missions sont variées et permettent de mettre en pratique de très nombreuses techniques. Sam Fisher dispose d'une foule de gadgets qui en font un espion tout à fait exceptionnel et l'histoire, même si elle reste relativement convenue, offre quelques très bons moments. On regrettera évidemment un réalisme parfois franchement défaillant, quelques bugs inacceptables même s'ils ne gênent pas vraiment le joueur et enfin une faible durée de vie, mais le plaisir de jeu est présent comme rarement dans un jeu vidéo. Alors si je n'ai qu'un conseil à vous donner ce serait de télécharger rapidement les deux démos disponibles sur Clubic afin de voir un peu de quoi il retourne.