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Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar Screenshots

User Screenshots

ExEn version

Game splashscreen
Game title
Game main menu
Before playing you can select the level you want to play in the panel of level you have already played. Follow the path until the final level.
The game is a side scrolling game where the goal is to reach the final door of the level. Here it is above, you will have to find a way to reach it.
Regularly, Lara will comment what she's doing, she generally give some good tips.
You can climb ladders in the level to reach higher platforms.
Do not fall in those holes. The picks will not be friendly.
Grab the block and push it...
Lara knows how to use this rope, but she can only go down... No way up...
You can haul yourself using those edges.
When a "?" appears, this means there is an action to do there, sometimes by pressing action button, sometimes by selecting an object from your inventory.
Of course, there are enemies in the game. Be careful not to get too much damages.
Of course, your guns are still your best friends in this game.

J2ME version

Splash screen
Scrolls at the start of each level help detail the ongoing storyline.
Lara comments in-game to explain things she can do, or sometimes to prepare the player for upcoming problems...
Jump over spikes to avoid taking damage from them.
Abseiling ropes are present in this version of the game, allowing the player to get down long drops without taking damage - it's a one way trip though.
Eek! A ghost!
Lara also has to contend with crazy monks and fireballs.