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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Choose your skater.
Level select.
Title Screen
The introduction is rendered in the game.
Main Menu
The Foundry
The environments are interactive. Like this ice cream truck, for example....
Ice Cream Truck Destroyed!
Riding a lighting fixture at the airport
Wall Ride
The revert lets you string more tricks together.

PlayStation version

Title screen
Main menu.
Select level: You must complete goals to unlock the other levels.
Pick your pro.
I don't think he is going to make it.
Tony Hawk, master of the McTwist.
If it melts Terminators, it can't be good for you.
Bustin' a special!
Fondue Tony Hawk!
Look, one of the features of this game is view your goals during the game.
You got a new high score.
You can upgrade your stats you have collected here.
You can edit your tricks here, to unlock more tricks, you must 100% all the goals on each level.
Here you can see the different designs of decks you've collected.
Los Angeles: Inside the elevator.
You require more balance to do this grind.
You can link tricks with the all new revert.
Loading screen: In Rio de Janeiro.
Grinding in Rio.
My first gold medal.
In Suburbia: I want an ice cream please.
Poor ice cream truck, is being smashed by the tower.
Create-a-Skater mode: You can create your own skater in this mode.
Skatepark editor: Now is with new themes like the cathedral.
The weathervane gap.
In airport.
Smashing the restaurant.
Hmm, do I have metals to pass the metal detector?
Cannonball: one of the new tricks of this game.
Canada: grinding on the street.
I've blown the tree with the detonator.
In Tokyo all is made with neon lights.

PlayStation 2 version

Introduction video. Beat the game with a particular skater to unlock more videos.
Main menu
Choose from a number of real-life skaters.
New decks can be unlocked for each skater.
The Rio loading screen.
In career mode, you will have two minutes to complete various tasks in a level.
Complete a number of tasks to move on to the next skating arena.
Rodney Mullen showing what he does best—the manual.
Dropping in a bowl in Canada.
Bam takes a bam on the head.
You can grind pretty much anything in this game.
Doing multiple trick combinations will greatly increase your points.
Chad Muska settling for the least with a FS Shove-It.
Darth Maul can be unlocked as a skater.
A great idea for yet another Star Wars franchise game. George Lucas should be all over this.
Nosesliding the lights at the airport.
Airport security used to allow this.
At Skater Island, you must compete against other skaters for the best score.
Demoness can be unlocked as a skater.
The streets of LA after an earthquake.
Kareem Campbell grinding some stairs.
Skating Tokyo at night.
Elissa Steamer grinding it out on the walkway.
Going for the upside-down loop ahead.
Wolverine enjoys the scantily clad women on the cruise ship.
Careful on those ledges!
Don't fall off the boat!
A few levels can be unlocked from the original THPS, such as Roswell.
Tired of the skaters the game provides? Create your own!
Create your own levels too!

Windows version

Intro video
The skate shop
Tony is here!
Level selection
It's Tony! And he's at the ramp!
The eagle has landed
This one is tricky!
Even Tony Hawk bails sometimes
Tony takes a hot bath
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Fried Tony Hawk :(
This is the level editor.
The only skating girl in the game
What's that freak doing here?!?!
A long row of tricks
Dropped her off the rail
Stats, nothing but stats
Beautiful character modelling (she really looks realistic, don't u think?)
Skate Shop loading splash
Tony lets the sparks fly in Canada (Level 2)
Risin' high in Canada
This is only the beginning of a very long series of tricks...
The Skate Park in Rio - Level 3. Here you need to win at least the bronze medal to advance to the next level, and this is not too easy (at least not when you didn't find the hidden room :)
The competition judges in their full glory. They give nasty commentary when you bail and hooray when you do something good. When judging (at the end of a run, they even say stuff like "I can do that myself" :)
Now doesn't that view just look great?
Finally - the bronze medal is mine! Until I found a hidden room with a very easy to master bowl, it was damn hard to get at least a decent score :)
Suburbia is the fourth map to skate on. It's a very detailed suburbian area with various nice tasks, like re-empowering the satellite dish.
This area is in the haunted house. You need to open it first, it contains the secret tape which I found by accidentally pressing jump after a long row of grinds :)
This is level 5, the airport. Rather large, with tons of rails to grind on. The tasks here are fun, but some of them need much practice and pretty much luck.
There's pretty much open space for skateboarding but that doesn't help you any - most tasks are acomplished by grinding very high ledges :/
Look, some nature animals, for example: these squirrels are climbing in the tree.
Create-a-Skater mode, now featuring female skaters.
Tony is watching the shooting between cops and criminals.

Official Screenshots

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    Activision E3 2001 Press Kit
    THPS3 E3 05 (PS2)