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It's the first, but not the best. PlayStation bowser724 (29)
I hate skateboarders and I love this game. Dreamcast Courtland Funke (54)

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Platform Votes Score
Dreamcast 35 4.0
N-Gage 10 3.5
Nintendo 64 29 3.8
PlayStation 51 4.0
Combined User Score 125 3.9

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100 (1999)
With Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, NeverSoft has managed to encapsulate a true skateboarding experience within a finely crafted shell of convincing aesthetics, realistic audio, and intuitive game design. By striking a near perfect balance between realism and gameplay, the title manages to convey a genuine representation of the sport, whilst remaining both accessible and rewardingly complex at the same time. Combine this with a solid variety of one and two player game modes, and we have a title that deserves a spot in the game collection of anyone who enjoys a fast-paced, yet fulfilling experience.
Nintendo 64Daily Radar (2000)
The PlayStation version of this game, months after release, is still in the top 10. That alone should tell you something. The fact that the Nintendo version, a few audio quibbles aside, is even better should tell you even more. Tony Hawk is that rarest of gaming phenomena -- a title that stands out on its own merits. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is all about innovation, style and depth. Tony Hawk is one of the best games on the Nintendo 64 -- and we mean up there with Mario, Zelda and Wave Race.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic (Aug 16, 2001)
This edition of Tony Hawk is only a modest improvement over the Playstation version, but Dreamcast owners will be happy just to play this classic on their console.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic (Aug 10, 2001)
Oh yeah - this game rocks! Tony Hawk is the ultimate "extreme" game, with more attitude than all the others combined. And you don't need to know anything about the skateboarding to get hooked on this revolutionary game.
PlayStationGaming Age (Sep 16, 2004)
Skateboarding is fun, but skateboarding and pulling off dozens of insanely difficult combos and tricks with simple button pushes is even more fun. Tony Hawk definitely contributed all of what he knows that makes skating fun and incorporated it into a game that lets anybody feel like a professional skater. Neversoft also did an outstanding job on the graphics engine and animations for all the slick tricks you can pull off. Great graphics, great gameplay, great game.
PlayStationGamesFirst! (Oct 24, 1999)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is phenomenal. It not only provides a fantasy outlet for all those joes like me out there who will just never be the greatest skater, or even very good, but it satisfies the true practitioners of the art in a way that no other skating game has.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
All in all, Tony Hawk is an impressive tour-de-force in the skating arena. Competition like MTV Sports: Snowboarding, Trickstyle, and Thrasher: Skate and Destroy already have the bar set pretty high with this game. Who will bring the Hawk down? It's going to take a fairly high-flying predator to do the job.
Nintendo 64Game Revolution (Apr 01, 2000)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is perhaps the best Playstation to N64 port ever. Frankly, I just don't have enough words to describe how pleasing it is to see that so much time and care has gone into what is too often a rushed afterthought. Fans of the original will love it, newcomers will love it, skaters and non-skaters alike will love it...heck, even your mom will love it. I know mine does.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Oct, 1999)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater has just set the standard for skateboarding video games. Up until now, 720 held the throne. Since we're well past the 80's, it's about time we crowned a successor. It's a breath of fresh air to play such an entertaining and well done video game. Since I'm a fan of skateboarding, I truly appreciate the quality of work put into this product, but skaters and non-skaters alike will find this game a joy to play. Highly recommended.
PlayStationGameSurge (1999)
Overall, this game is going to be played in my household for a hell of a long time, and I definitely recommend you purchase this one if you haven't already. If you like skateboarding, skating, watching people fall off buildings, playing chicken with trolleys, etc., this game is definitely for you!
DreamcastGaming Target (Jun 23, 2000)
Looking for a good skating game? Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Looking for a good game? Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.
PlayStationNUKE Computer Gaming (1999)
While Tony Hawk's Skateboarding seems, on face value anyway, a game that would appeal mainly to h4rdc0r3 skateboarding fans, there's so much depth to this game you'd be a fool not to at least try it out. I'm far from a skateboarding fan, yet this game totally ate one of my weekends and I didn't even realise it. I put the game in the PlayStation on Friday night, and before I knew it work was calling me up on Monday morning, asking where I was.
PlayStationPSX Extreme (Oct 16, 1999)
Finally the replay value, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater features tons of replay value. 10 stages, 10 characters (plus a hidden one), Tons of modes to choose from as well as secret modes like S-K-A-T-E mode and Graffiti Mode, many accomplishments to achieve in Season mode, 2 player support, free roaming areas and so much more. We can summarize Tony Hawks Pro Skater as the Final Fantasy of Skate boarding games. Truthfully one of the best games the Playstation has to offer.
DreamcastGameSpot (May 30, 2000)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a classic in every sense of the word, and the Dreamcast port is the version that is best suited to stand the tests of time. Even if you own another version of the game, you'd be doing yourself a large disservice by missing out on the DC version. Sure, the gameplay may be the same (that is to say, nearly flawless), but the graphical enhancements made possible by Sega's hardware truly bring the game to an entirely new level.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany) (Mar, 2000)
Wer diesen Sport liebt, wird Tonv Hawk‘s Skateboarding in sein Herz schließen. Die nahezu perfekte Mischung aus hyperrealistischem Feeling und dezent übertriebener Action kann aber auch Skateboard-Novizen auf Dauer begeistern.
PlayStationPGNx Media (Aug 15, 2002)
Neversoft made a game that came out at the right time. This was for the people that had passed on Half-Life and Starcraft, and even FFVIII. This was for the extreme sports junkie, but the premise was so addicting that even a casual gamer could enjoy this game. It got nominated for eighteen awards and it won three, including Best Sports Game and Best Music.
PlayStationIGN (Oct 19, 1999)
What can I say? Tony Hawk is the most superior skateboarding game I've ever seen or imagined, and it's got to be one of the most technically impressive games I've ever seen. With games like this coming out on PlayStation, there's no reason for anyone to think it's a dying system. Go and get one.
DreamcastVideo Games (Jun, 2000)
Besonders überrascht sind wir zugegebenermaßen nicht. THS war bereits auf der PS ein absolut geniales Game und hat auch auf dem DC nichts von seiner Qualität eingebüßt. Doch auch wenn man vom DC nichts anderes erwarten sollte, ist es doch immer wieder beeindruckend, wie detailliert die Stages und vor allem die Animationen der Fahrer nun aussehen. Doch all das wäre nichts wert, wenn es den Entwicklern nicht gelungen wäre, die präzise Steuerung an das DC-Pad hervorragend anzupassen. So kommt ihr in der DC-Version in den ungetrübten Spielspaß der PS-Variante, der euch zusätzlich mit einer um Längen besseren Optik versüßt wird. Wer die PS- oder N64-Variante noch nicht sein eigen nennt, kommt um dieses Ausnahme-Game nicht vorbei.
DreamcastNowGamer (Jun 29, 2000)
An essential purchase for any self-respecting Dreamcast owner. We just can’t emphasise how great this game is!
PlayStationGameSpot (Sep 29, 1999)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a game for skaters and nonskaters alike. Some may be initially turned off by the occasionally questionable physics, but this little slice of unreality brings a lot of gameplay fun along with it. It would have been nice to see some more variety in the game's tricks, but as it stands, THPS is an outstanding game and is a worthy addition to anyone's PlayStation collection.
PlayStationPlaystation Illustrated (1999)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater throws a little grit and wheel grease into the world of skateboarding games. No 'special effects' or 'power-ups' here - just realistic skateboard action. Since skateboarding is such a physically demanding sport, I hesitate to call Tony Hawk's Pro Skater a 'simulation,' although the 'sim' approach to physics and tricks is evident throughout. This is a welcomed change to the genre and a tribute to those who have worked hard to master the skateboard, while game developers play with the idea of 'hoverboards' and 'power-ups.'
Nintendo 64Gaming Target (Jul 27, 2000)
This is the best skating game that has come out so far, and probably will be until its sequel is released. It looks much better than it's PlayStation original, and the only thing different is the CD quality tracks that were on the PSX version. It is definitely a fun game to have, and I find myself going through career mode even five months of it's release to try out different skaters and to try and improve on my overall skills. As I mentioned before, each run is always something new, which adds to the replay value of the game as well as the well-executed multiplayer mode. Unless you've played massive amounts of the PSX version I would suggest that you definitely purchase this game if you have any remote interest in skating, or even if you don't.
PlayStationCyberGames (Oct 20, 1999)
Terrific soundtrack, great graphics, outstanding gameplay. Overall, a fantastic effort.
PlayStationMega Fun (Sep, 1999)
Tony Hawk‘s Skateboarding hat alles, was man von einem Titel dieses Genres erwartet. Super Gameplay, eine Grafik, die immer wieder zum Hingucken einlädt, viele Secrets und Geheimpassagen. Daneben transportiert man eine unglaublich starke Motivation. Ehrlich gesagt, fallen mir nur zwei negative Dinge auf, die die Wertung etwa drücken. Zum einen wäre da der nur vertikal geteilte, etwas unübersichtliche Splitscreen. Und zum anderen: Wieso eigentlich Breakbeats zur genialen Mucke?
PlayStationRetro Game Reviews (Jun 10, 2015)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a revolutionary sports game that reinvigorated the genre and spawned numerous copycat titles. While it doesn't have the depth of its sequel, the control scheme, level design and music are outstanding and it all amounts to a really strong start for the franchise.
But in the end, this remains perhaps the closest that videogaming has come to a completely instinctive, Zen-like experience. Much like the science that was Street Fighter II, Tony Hawk simply feels right as rain.
PlayStationVideo Games (Sep, 1999)
Vom feinsten. Mit Tony Hawk‘s Skateboarding ist Activision eine geniale Software-Perle gelungen. Die Steuerung ist ebenso präzise wie eingängig, und die Grafik ist über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Durch die verschiedenen Spiel-Modi und vielen versteckten Areas ist dauerhafter Spielspaß garantiert. Nur Zocker, die sich absolut nicht mit Skateboard-Titeln anfreunden können, sollten vor dem Kauf zumindest ein Probespiel riskieren. Allen anderen kann man THS ohne Einschränkung empfehlen. Ein besseres Skater-Game hat es noch nicht gegeben.
Nintendo (UK) (Jun 03, 2000)
This kind of game is exactly what the Nintendo needs to rejuvenate faith from the public and hardcore fans alike. The challenging single player and unremittingly joyous multi-player experience will have you playing for not days or weeks, but literally months. It is a true stayer, and I can't see anything being a true contender to it in the near future. Truly one of the most inspirational, addictive and utterly triumphant games ever, which can only just be improved upon.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Nov 11, 1999)
I’m giving a Reviewer’s Choice award to a skateboarding game. Those are words I never would have expected to hear coming out of my mouth, but it’s true. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is a perfect example of the sadly untapped potential of some of the older gaming systems these days. Neversoft has been working with this console for years, and knows each and every trick and how best to incorporate them into the overall gaming experience. Not only have I never played a better skateboarding title on the PSX, but I don’t believe I’ve ever played a better skateboarding title ever, on any platform. I can very easily recommend this title to anyone who has ever had even the slightest interest in the sport or, for that matter, to anyone who owns a PlayStation and just wants to play a great game.
DreamcastHappyPuppy (Jun 12, 2000)
This is one of the best Dreamcast games on the market to date. With the exception of internet options, this game is perfect. Whether you want to partake in single- or two-player skating thrills, this game delivers the goods. It's fun to play, and it's highly addictive. The replay value is endless, thanks to deep gameplay and loads of options.
Nintendo 64HappyPuppy (Apr 18, 2000)
One drawback to this game is that the controls can get a bit confusing, but this mirrors the sport itself. Practice makes perfect, and it's pretty obvious that Neversoft, the creators of Pro Skater, have been practicing a lot.
Nintendo 64All Game Guide (2000)
With the two-player mode, you'll find that Graffiti is wickedly delightful, Trick Attack will appeal to your ego, and Horse is highly original. Yes, two-player games are just as fun and addicting, if not more so, as the one-player modes. Whether you actually skate or not, if you like fun, addicting games, then you must add Tony Hawk's Pro Skater to your collection.
It's not hard to say that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is the best skateboarding game on the PlayStation. After all, it's only real competition so far is EA's yawn-inducing Street Sk8er, unless you count the skating segments in the Xtreme games (which I don't). But what if I told you Pro Skater is the best skating game on any system, ever? Yep, it's that good.
90 (Jul 21, 2000)
All in all, I had a blast playing Tony Hawk's. It was so easy to get into that I was almost fooled into thinking the real-life sport could be that easy. The few negatives I mentioned were not that big a deal. In fact, the graphical and aural issues I had may only annoy hardcore gamers who own every version of the game, and the repetitiveness may bother someone who is new to the sport to begin with. Still, they are there, but are dwarfed by the excellent gameplay and craftsmanship this game has. It's an excellent title all around.
89 (Dec 17, 2003)
Wir dürfen als nicht nur Hobby-Skatern eine Kaufempfehlung aussprechen!
Nintendo 64Video Games (Apr, 2000)
Dass die Nintendo-Variante dieses Hits gut werden würde, war zu erwarten. Wieviel die Entwickler jedoch aus der N64-Hardware rausgequetscht haben, ist wirklich eine Überraschung. Zwar gefällt mir persönlich der PS-Hawks immer noch besser, was nicht zuletzt an der etwas schärferen und auch geringfügig schnelleren Grafik und dem schlichtweg besseren Sony-Pad liegt. Trotzdem gibt es für alle N64-Besitzer keine Alternative zu diesem Game. Auch wenn der Nachfolger bereits in der Mache ist, sollte jeder Fan hier sofort zuschlagen.
N-GageIGN (Oct 16, 2003)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater comes as a much needed addition to the N-Gage's library of games. It is without a doubt the N-Gage's finest game so far, and the most accurate portable recreation of the original PlayStation classic. It's hard to get tired of this game with its numerous multiplayer modes, online features, timeless Free Skate mode, and extensive Career Mode, but some people may be put off in playing the oldest version of Tony Hawk when the series offers more than four newer sequels on home consoles. While Tony Hawk is over four years old, it remains a must-buy for anyone unfamiliar with the series and anyone who is interested in having a version of the classic skating game that fits in their pocket.
Nintendo 6464 Power / big.N / N Games (Mar, 2000)
Leider trübt die Technik den Spielspaß ein wenig. Richtig dicke Nebelschwaden (im Zweispielermodus umgerechnet zwei Meter Weitsicht... hehe) rufen Erinnerungen an Turok wach, sind aber nur ein kleiner Schönheitsfehler in diesem sonst makellosen Spiel. Ins Gewicht fällt jedoch der Sound, der nicht mehr so reinhaut, wie er es auf der PlayStation getan hat. Na klar, die Soundeffekte sind sehr gut, und der Punkrock der Dead Kennedys, von Primus, Goldfinger und The Earnies hört sich noch immer klasse an. Doch bei der Qualität müssen Abstriche gemacht werden, ebenso bei der Länge der Titel und teilweise sogar beim Text. Trotzdem machst du mit einem Kauf nicht viel falsch, denn Tony Hawk‘s Skateboarding ist ein absolutes Ausnahmespiel, das auch über Monate hinweg fesseln kann.
Nintendo 64Retroage (Nov 10, 2010)
Oczywiście gra dla wielkich fanów deskorolki może wydawać się mało realistyczna. Upadek z takiej wysokości, a on wstaje, nawet się nie otrzepuje i jedzie dalej? Czy też przejścia między karkołomnymi sztuczkami wydają się nadzwyczaj łatwe, ale ja takim fanem nie jestem i nie dla realizmu wybrałem tę grę. Laikom Tony przybliża swój świat i zapewnia przy tym rozrywkę na najwyższym poziomie. Dla mnie Tony Hawk Pro Skater jest jak najbardziej godny uwagi i zapewni zajęcie na wiele godzin nawet po ukończeniu całości. Będą obszary, do których chętnie wrócimy odkryjemy miejsca, które wcześniej nam umknęły. Dowodem świetności może być fakt, że obecnie nawet tylko w czerni i bieli sięgnąlem po ten tytuł i zgłębiam go na nowo. Zachęcam wszystkich do wzięcie pada w łapę i jazdy próbnej na jedynej bezkontuzyjnej deskorolce świata.
DreamcastPower Unlimited (Sep, 2000)
Vegeleken met de PSX titel niets nieuws maar Tony kan trots zijn op deze Dreamcast versie; de mooiste versie tot nu toe. Ik wacht dan ook met smart op deel 2.
DreamcastMega Fun (Jul, 2000)
Schon die PlayStation-Fassung hat mich zu wahren Jubelstürmen hingerissen. Selten schaffte es ein Titel aus dem Sport-Bereich, eine derart große Motivation zu erzeugen, die mich das Pad stundenlang nicht aus der Hand legen ließ. Neben der 1:1- Konvertierung des Gameplays samt aller Modi fahren die Coder natürlich auch eine spitze Optik auf. Doch genau hier liegt der sprichwörtliche Hund begraben. Ein wenig mehr wäre sicherlich drin gewesen, um dem guten Tony einen noch imposanteren Ritt auf Segas Flaggschiff zu bereiten. Dennoch begeistert mich diese Umsetzung und ich werde erst locker lassen, sobald sich alle Tapes in meinem Besitz befinden. Hoffentlich nimmt man sich ein Herz und beliefert uns demnächst mit dem zweiten Teil des Spektakels!?
Nintendo 64Mega Fun (Apr, 2000)
Tony Hawks Skateboarding überzeugt auf Nintendos Modultoaster ebenso wie auf Sonys 32-Bitter. Der Skateboard-Sport wurde noch nie vorher so motivationsfördernd in Szene gesetzt. Ich frage mich aber dennoch, wedle Neuerungen gegenüber der mittlerweile über sechs Monate alten PlayStation-Variante liegen. Abgesehen vom Tutorial gibt es diese nicht. Hätte man doch neue Strecken oder neue Skater eingebaut! Für N64-Zocker wird Tony Hawk‘s Skateboarding trotz allem der lang erwartete Skate-Knaller.
86 (Jun 08, 2004)
Nokia falló en hacer estandarte a Lara, por la decepción que supuso, sin duda si se hubiera centrado en este juego, el mejor del catálogo actual, mucha gente no hubiera comenzado a soltar pestes que muchas veces son lejanas a lo que se nos ofrece, porque si bien no dudamos que en lo carismático Tony no es lo ideal, en lo jugable, esta vez, le da mil vueltas en calidad y cantidad. Un imprescindible en nuestra colección, un juego para mostrar y presumir, para disfrutar y gozar, en definitiva, poco que criticar y mucho que alabar.
PlayStationGame Freaks 365 (Aug 13, 2007)
Neversoft and Activision helped bring skateboarding back into the mainstream in 1999 when they released Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The game was far ahead of its time in many ways, introducing a new control scheme and game design that would be mimicked for more than half a decade to follow. Taking a look back, what made Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater so special?
85 (Jul 10, 2000)
Une adaptation fidèle qui a su prendre tous les avantages techniques. On regrettera le manque d'innovation de cette version DC.
PlayStationSuper Play (Sweden) (Sep, 1999)
I mina ögon är dock Tony Hawk's Skateboarding ett väldigt bra spel, och ett utmärkt komplement till Street Skater. Ibland vill man köra seriöst, ibland vill man släppa loss.
Nintendo 64The Video Game Critic (May 08, 2014)
For what it's worth, this cartridge has a snazzy blue shell. It's not the best version of the game, but it is classic Tony Hawk so you really can't go wrong.
DreamcastThe Next Level (Jul 13, 2000)
When you break it down ,THPS for the DC is the version to get without a second thought. Combining the great gameplay and uniqueness, along with the upgraded graphic engine version; resulting in what possibly can be touted as one of the the most addictive and graphically intense games on the Dreamcast platform.
Nintendo 64Just Games Retro (Mar 24, 2014)
I feel confident that most everyone who reads this review played this game at some point. If you had a console around this time, or you knew someone that did, you played it, or you’ve at least played one of the other dozen or so sequels. But looking back at the original, it’s still fairly strong in and of itself. They got most everything right the first time, at least gameplay-wise, and only needed to add a new feature or a couple new moves each time. It may not be the definitive Tony Hawk game (for my money, THPS2 takes that crown), but it’s a strong first effort, and it was good enough to win over total non-fans like me, and that’s as high of praise as a game can get.
PlayStationSpel för Alla (Oct, 1999)
Det här är det klart bästa och mest realistiska skateboardspel som gjorts, utan tvekan. Många spel i genren har genom åren passerat revy utan att lyckas skapa den där speciella känslan av fart, stämning och snygga vyer.
N-GageMeristation (Nov 06, 2003)
Como ha demostrado constantemente en todas y cada una de las entregas que Tony Hawk ha protagonizado, el título estrella de Activision es el rey de los deportes extremos. Largo, variado, divertido, con un hándicap y una progresiva dificultad que atrae a jugadores expertos y novatos, buenos gráficos, mejor sonido y unas posibilidades multijugador que muy pocos juegos pueden vanagloriarse de poseer.
80 (Sep 10, 1999)
Au final, grâce à une musique vraiment fun, une multitude de missions qui changent de la course pure, Tony Hawk's Skateboarding se trouve être un très bon jeu de skateboard. Des graphismes jolis et rapides continue d'assurer la qualité du soft. Heureusement pour lui, le manque de crédibilité du modèle physique est pallié par le gain de gameplay qu'il provoque.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Nov, 1999)
Je hoeft geen skater te zijn om met plezier op de blank van Tony of een van zijn negen collega's te gaan staan. Binnen no-time doe je de ziekste truuks, de vetste airs en de gruwelijkste grinds.
Nintendo 64Gamers' Republic (Apr, 2000)
There is no way to cushion the obvious: Pro Skater on the N64 is about 30 percent slower than the PlayStation game that spawned this conversion. The only reason I mention this is because it will affect veterans and newbies alike. For the sages, you will struggle to get your favorite skater to complete some of the nicer tricks you have wired, and to the first-timers, you will encounter a false sense of excitement compared to what is expected on the PS, making you wonder what the talk was about. The game still moves at a tolerable speed, but not enough to generate constant tension.
75 (Oct 14, 2003)
Tony Hawk est assurément l'un des meilleurs jeux de la première fournée N-Gage. Ceux qui connaissent déjà le jeu sur un autre support pourront se passer de cette version qui n'apporte rien de neuf. A moins bien sûr qu'ils souhaitent emporter Tony partout avec eux.
N-GageRetro Game Reviews (Jul 11, 2016)
When the technical issues don't rear their ugly head, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater features some top-notch extreme sports action. However, while it's impressive that the entire game has been squeezed onto a portable device, the N-Gage isn't quite powerful enough to handle the twitch style gameplay that's required throughout.
70 (UK) (Nov 17, 2003)
Tony Hawk on the N-Gage is probably the best of an early bunch - it's faithful to the original, 3D without the gratuity and consistently rough frame rate of Super Monkey Ball, and it's a lot of fun to play - but it's also a four-year-old game, and one that has surpassed itself several times in the years since. Quite simply, there are things in Tony Hawk's 2, 3 and 4 that we have adopted as extreme sports law, and the original game feels hamstrung as a result. On the bright side, it's still more satisfying than any of the slightly dull GBA interpretations thanks to Ideaworks 3D's sterling work on the engine and mechanics, and it's unquestionably the finest game in the N-Gage launch line-up. Would I suggest you buy an N-Gage to play it? No, buy a PS2 and a bargain bin copy of the original. Or a bargain bin copy of the second, third or fourth. However, despite our concerns, N-Gage owners floundering for something of genuine quality need look no further.
N-GageSuper Play (Sweden) (Oct, 2003)
När jag helhjärtat rekommenderar det här spelet i den här versionen till alla med planer på att köpa en N-Gage är det snarare ett väldigt starkt betyg för Tony Hawk's Pro Skater än ett godkänt betyg för Nokias speltelefon.
N-GageGameSpot (Oct 17, 2003)
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is probably the best game to hit the N-Gage thus far, but since there aren't even 10 games available as of this writing, that isn't exactly a difficult feat. It may have some of the magic that made the original Tony Hawk such a fantastic game, but time and the somewhat sloppy components of this port have rendered the final product pretty unimpressive overall.
Activision et le studio qui s’est chargé du portage, Neversoft, nous offrent ici un jeu correct, qui a surpris plus d’un joueur quant aux capacités de la N-Gage lors de sa sortie.
N-GageGameSpy (Nov 17, 2003)
By simply keeping the core gameplay and miraculously transferring the old PlayStation engine almost whole to this tiny machine, Activision and IdeaWorks3D have not only worked a magic trick with the N-Gage, but also shown how little work seems to have gone into similar launch titles. The use of Bluetooth and the N-Gage Arena surpasses all the other N-Gage titles in depth, and for those with the patience to retrain their fingers, the single-player experience is functional and looks rad.
That's hardly a reason to keep torturing yourself with a lackluster translation. With their skewed angles, even the Game Boy Advance versions are slightly more accurate and easy to play. Tony Hawk simply wasn't meant for the N-Gage, at least not until the developer's grasped the hardware better.