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PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen
The main menu
The game configuration options
Practice mode Here the player can fish in any of the three lakes in any season and at any time of day
Before fishing begins there's a fly-by of the location. This is the urban landscape around the park and it's quite detailed for something that's not needed in the game itself
Practice mode. Fishing in the park on a summer afternoon The spot above the fisherman's head is the direction in which the lure will be cast
Once the direction of the cast has been decided the player varies the cast power / distance by pressing X or O. On minimum the cast always travels at least 75% of the maximum distance
Each attempt to catch a fish starts with a nice animation of either a side or an overhead cast
Once the lure is in the water the player reels it in. X reels it slowly, O reels it quickly
The lure selection screen Not all lures are available immediately, most have to be earned
When the a fish takes the bait the word HIT is announced
Not every fish that goes for the bait will be caught
The results of a session in Practice Mode.
Arcade Mode There are three course combinations to fish, they are the same lakes but at different combinations of time and weather
The result of an unsuccessful session in Arcade Mode. An Arcade course consists of three stages each of which is scored separately
The Challenge Mode menu There are nine challenges in all
Fishing in Challenge Mode Here time is important so it's a disappointment when a fish takes the bait and then escapes
The Tournament menu This follows a screen where the player enters their name
The start of stage one a tournament
One thing that's worse than having a fish ignore your lure is having two fish ignore your lure
It does not happen often but sometimes the lure gets lost on the bottom of the lake. It, and the line, have just come through that log too