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Torin's Passage Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Each chapter begins with such a screen
Starting location. Displaying the arrow showing you exits from the screen
The game is full of splendid cartoony animations
Torin comments on the things he sees
Catch this worm while it tries to hide from your mouse cursor
Don't look down, Torin!..
One of the humorous death scenes. You can undo the last move without having to restore
Every action in the game is animated - sometimes in an appropriately exaggerated way
Dialogues with important characters are present in such close-ups
You can choose to start from any chapter right from the beginning. Weird decision, but there you go
Each chapter begins with a zoomed-in cutscene
Participating in an old TV sitcom!..
The second chapter takes place in the land of Escarpa. It's the game's longest and probably best part
Talking to the ridiculous king and queen of Escarpa. The queen is no stranger to dry sarcasm
You fall down the unstable ladder on your way to the harem and die. Well... was it worth it?..
Boogle can assume several shapes in the game, needed to solve some puzzles
Puzzle: collect and assemble those pieces to create an image
Talking to a magical Jewish guy. No, seriously - he even says "oy" a couple of times!..
Sometimes objects need to be examined in close-up. Do that before you untie the princess
Torin and the princess - oh my! Romance!..
The land of Pergola is populated by those funny creatures. I wonder where Dvorak might be?..
Puzzle: arrange those little guys in such a way that the rows all have matching colors
Musical puzzle: build a mixed choir and conduct it to sing the right chord! Seriously!..
The land of Asthenia is dark and enigmatic
Atmospheric view of Asthenia. Navigating Torin between locations
You come across a very weird contraption...
The game has quite a few cartoony, humorous scenes
No, that's not a mechanical puzzle at all. It's just... you must be still lacking a crucial item
Boogle becomes a nurse! (S)he has a rather simple view of what constitutes a good medical treatment
A classic cartoon moment: magically suspended over an abyss just for the few seconds it takes to say "uh-oh"
The world of Tenebrous. Talking to a linguistically sensitive sunflower
The dialogue with this tree has quite a lot of pun-filled BRANCHES...
Meeting a caterpillar circus manager and a few performers
Never bother a sound engineer!..

Windows version

First Chapter
Here you start playing
Strange plants are not uncommon to this game
Looking down at the valley
Picking up an object
Torin's house
Intro to Second Chapter
The Bitternuts - a parody on an American TV comedy show
Boogle just learned a new skill. His skill are in his "inventory" below.
Third Chapter begins
"Torin's Travels", by Jonathan Swift
Close-up on an object: can give important clues.
How romantic! Leenah, Torin's big love.
One of the game's puzzles: arrange the little men by color.
Boogle as nurse!
Cleaning is also important.
Title screen
Intro movie
Main menu lists all the chapters
Starting chapter 1
An evil cloaked figure tricking our protagonist
The player
This axe could come in handy
Our hero is accompanied by his trusty pink cat-like pet