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Torpedo Alley Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Enemy sighting on the periscope
Torpedo on an intercept course...
it's a hit!
This one got away.
Avoid the depth charges while submerged.
Resurfaced, only to find this guy firing at me.
The final tally

Commodore 64 version

Torpedo launched
Direct hit!
This one zig-zagged past my shot...
...and now it's opening fire.
We're hit!
Dodging some depth charges underwater.
Dodging some depth charges underwater.
Final stats

DOS version

Torpedo on course towards enemy ship.
Down it goes!
Missed this one.
We're hit!
Submerged while they cool off their guns.
Whoops... depth charge got me.
Aww, 999 points.

TI-99/4A version

Torpedos away!
One down...
This one just opened fire.
We're hit!
Time to dive...
Dodge those depth charges.
Well, that's the end of it.
The final tally