Total Club Manager 2004 Screenshots

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Windows version

Main menu. The interface was designed keeping the infamous "EA Trax" as unobtrusive as possible.
A trivia game, kind of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Manager"
By delegating functions the player can act as a coach, manager, or anything he pleases.
Choosing a team.
Season objectives
E-mails will keep you updated on the current affairs of the club.
Friendlies and training camps can be assigned in the calendar.
Setting formation.
The training plan means the difference between a player hanging 90 minutes performing superbly or asking to be replaced after 45 minutes of a disastrous performance.
The youth team is a cheap way to provide new possible stars.
It's possible to customize kits, but most top-tier teams feature real kits.
Making a good offer won't do in most cases. Top staff require top conditions.
Keeping a steady hand on finance will please both the board and shareholders.
Setting ticket prices and designating areas for season tickets and away fans.
Some stadiums are real, and it's a shame to change them.
This incredibly ugly 100'000 seater might be large, but costs around €250M.
Club facilities
There's also a 3D view for facilities. Sadly, the stadium is downgraded to a generic look-alike.
Realistic fans. But it might to be possible to change things around,
Comparing this to Real's cup holder would be a pointless exercise.
This is how a week passes by, allowing to keep an eye on fitness and fatigue levels, next fixtures and some random snippets of information.
High bonuses help team morale, but a good run of results might leave the club uncovered in the bank.
Random events force the player to take measures, such as suspending of fining a player, even if it's your star.
The quality of a player is dictated by his levels and skill modifiers.
"EA Magazine, bringing the latest to you desk."
Comparing two players for a swap.
When a financial deal with other team needs to be settled, this screen (similar to the Union's negotiation in Theme Park) pops up.
Comparing teams before the match. Looks easy enough.
Text mode underway
Tweaking tactics.
A pop-up warns players of changes done and goals scored.
Hal-time pep talk
Match analysis
Team of the week. Sometimes harder games put more players in the list than easy ones.
Once the paychecks start rolling in it's possible to buy some luxury commodities, as well as try to get rich from the stock market.
Interviews can shift the morale of teams, players and fans.
Entrance to a match viewed in full mode
In-game. Presentation is the same as a FIFA 2004 game (for the bad and the good things)
That lob got the keeper off-guard, but it slipped past the post.