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PSPPSP Minis (Mar 09, 2012)
Touchdown Fever is not a bad little game if you want to scratch an itch for football in a hurry. But the extremely short length of the game makes it pointless for anything but that. I really can’t believe anyone would pay a quarter for it in the arcade, to be honest. At most, games will take maybe 5 minutes, if you slowly move the ball down the field. Presumably it was a lot more fun with two players, which of course isn’t supported here.
33 (Nov, 2013)
Interceptions are where Touch Down Fever really shines. Any team – yours or the computers – can intercept with the greatest of ease, which means you’ll constantly be switching sides back and forth. Even if these annoyances had been dealt with, Touch Down Fever is a mediocre football title that reminds me why I don’t care for the game in the first place.
While there are a couple of nice gameplay elements not seen in other football titles, such as two-point conversion attempts, laterals, and the ability for two human players to play on the same team, it’s clear that the development team only had a cursory knowledge of football when creating this flawed title.