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Towers: Lord Baniff's Deceit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Cool - it's free! Well, almost free!
Strange intro
Mighty storm (still intro)
Choosing character
In the tower
How to open the gate?
Maybe this way?
Some treasure
Long corridor
Another closed door

DOS version

Title Screen
Part of the Intro
Character Creation
There's a lot of closed doors in the dungeon, pressing buttons will open them. Sometimes you won't know what you opened or closed, but this one here is pretty obvious.
This savage looking fellow is the first enemy you'll encounter. Your only weapon at this point it your fist.
With the enemy knocked out after a few punches, you can appropriate his club...
...which you can then use to deal more substantial blows to another dungeon dweller of this kind.
Combat is in real time in this, and the enemy will try to retreat after taking damage.
Some leather armour is apparently all that was left from another adventurer... The inventory system is pretty similar to that in Ultima Underworld, even visually.
You can strap up to five bags to your belt (that's what the manual says anyway) and stuff each with more items. Again this is similar to Ultima Underworld.

Game Boy Color version

Title screen / Main menu.
Player selection.