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TrackMania Sunrise Credits

49 people


Commercial DirectorTerry Malham
Marketing DirectorLeo Zullo
U.K. Sales DirectorMatthew Edwards
International Sales DirectorGraham Chambers
Creative DirectorEdward Willey
Development ManagerSpencer Low
Product ManagerJohn Merchant
Technical / QA ManagerJason Harman
Community ManagerKevin Leathers
PR ManagerRob Donald
AccountsNicola Brown


ProductionPascal Hérold, Adrienne Péchère, Cédric Lagarrigue
DirectorFlorent Castelnérac
GraphicsFrançois-Xavier Delmotte, Stéphane Sommer
ProgrammingXavier Bouchoux, David Fallot, Jean-Sébastien Luce, Damien Quilot, Olivier Torreilles
Additional ProgrammingPierre Augeard, Nicolas Maurer, Michael Ribaud, Clément Viguier, Gérald Grosrenaud

Music and Artists

Ten Thousand EyesHi-Jera
Take BackNBF
Larger Than LifeSilvermaker
I Never Thought She Eva LivedThe Brit Hoolas
One TakeWonder21st Century Beatnik
Jack and MaryBig Wednesday
Latin TrickJason Alner
SituationMattie and Ben
Getting Things StartedDan Money
Tainted AdrenalineMike Myler
Breathe 1Zsolt Marx
Fill Your PagesZsolt Marx
MutantsDom Lyne

Enlight Software Ltd.

Director of PublishingTrevor Chan, Paul G. Lombardi
Executive ProducerParrish Rodgers
Publishing StaffClive Cheng, Andy Grimbal, Mantin Lu
QAMartin Leung, Jeff Lyndon, Roger Leung

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Spencer Low, 45 other games
John Merchant, 35 other games
Rob Donald, 35 other games
Leo Zullo, 35 other games
Trevor Chan, 27 other games
Terry Malham, 25 other games
Jason Harman, 23 other games
Kevin Leathers, 21 other games
Paul G. Lombardi, 20 other games
Edward Willey, 20 other games
François-Xavier Delmotte, 18 other games
Xavier Bouchoux, 17 other games
Jean-Sébastien Luce, 16 other games
Florent Castelnérac, 16 other games
Parrish Rodgers, 16 other games
Damien Quilot, 15 other games
Matthew Edwards, 15 other games
Pascal Hérold, 14 other games
Adrienne Péchère, 14 other games
Olivier Torreilles, 13 other games
Martin Leung, 13 other games
David Fallot, 12 other games
Stéphane Sommer, 12 other games
Nicolas Maurer, 11 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (249057) and Sciere (665605)

antstream tournament