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Atari 50

Trade Wars 2002 Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

One of the spectacular opening ANSI title screens
Generating a character
Signing in - activity is rewarded
Main Menu
Vital statistics of the current install's configuration
Haggling while trading yields rewards beyond financial savings
Warping through space to the StarDock
First view of the StarDock
Landing on the StarDock
Seedy characters in the StarDock's tavern
Tavern options
the Trader can help you track the movements of other players
Hardware Emporium for special ship capabilities
Federal Space Police HeadQuarters on the StarDock
Catch a flick at the Cineplex Videon Holo-Theater
Down in front!
Establishing a trade agreement between your planet and the nearest space station
Captain Zyrain is the Federal Space Police's feared enforcer, cracking down on evil players and traffic violators
Approaching Earth
Landing on Earth
Creating a planet out of nothing but deep space and one Genesis Torpedo
Specs on the Ferrengi Assault Trader - NPC-only ship