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Drew Markham, artist of many of the game's striking ANSI art screens, is paid homage to in the name of the Markham Space Tech company, builder of the (largely Federation-only) ships the Valiant, Intrepid, Dauntless, Excelsior and the Assault Carrier.

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In 2000, Realm Interactive bought up the rights to the Trade Wars name and in 2002 announced that they were building an MMORPG out of it. Entitled Trade Wars: Dark Millennium, it would have featured making a player from a choice of four different races. These would be controlled or enter combat onto ships, planets and space stations. In keeping with the roots of Trade Wars, interstellar vessels travelling between ports to make trade would also have a major role to play.

As screenshots and information were released, the game's progress and direction brought mixed reviews among Trade Wars 2002 players and fans. The game's publisher, NCSoft, eventually decided that the "Trade Wars" name and license was not really needed and dropped it from the title. Shortly afterwards, Dark Millennium was cancelled by Realm Interactive, who were restructuring their employees and projects at the request of NCSoft. All of the company's efforts were instead focused on another MMORPG, Exarch Online. In July 2004, Realm Interactive was disbanded and many of it's websites (including Exach Online) went offline. Realm Interactive did not release a single game or product.

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John Sherrick created the first BBS game of this style. Most other versions created such as Tradewars 2001, were just hacks of Sherrick's game.

The first known precursor to Tradewars is a BASIC example program called Star Traders. It was released in "The People's Book of Computer Games" that was published by Hewlett-Packard.

High Velocity Software was contracted to created a multiplayer verssion of Tradewars around 1992 to specifically work for BBSs running on MBBS.

John Pritchett originally met Gary Martin by smashing into his green mini-van at a stoplight.

The Tradewars Game Server which allowed people to easily play over the internet was programmed by John Pritchett and released in 1998.

Gary Martin sold the Tradewars name to John Pritchett in April 2000.

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