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Transformers G1: Awakening Screenshots

User Screenshots

Android version

Title screen
Intro - Cybertron
Map dialogue - Ratchet
The third map
Character stats - Optimus Prime
Character stats - Megatron. Unfortunately, he doesn't have an alternate mode
Character stats - Rewind
Combat sequence - Bumblebee against Soundwave
Taking the form of an ambulance doesn't prevent any attacks from Decepticons, unsurprisingly.
Close-up of Starscream
The mighty Trypticon

J2ME version

Title screen
Intro text
Map dialogue by Ratchet
Optimus Prime dialogue
Character stats screen - Bumblebee
Character stats - Rumble
Combat - Optimus Prime in action
Combat - Starscream firing
Map graphics of a 2D version
Character stats - Skywarp (2D version)
Character stats - Blaster (2D version)
Combat - Bumblebee vs Thundercracker, who is actually in his plane mode (2D version)