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TRAZ Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Main menu
The ball does not move until you press fire.
Takes some time to get through
A level with two panels
Several balls in play now
Both panels move simultaneously

DOS version

Title screen/main menu
It's supposed to look like a palm tree..
Two paddles at the bottom, one is boxed in
Choose your next level, left up or right
Four paddle, top one has the laser power-up
Only one direction to choose from
A paddle on the left and one on the right
Just got the three balls power-up
The construction kit
Before running on Construction Kit
Mode on Construction Kit

ZX Spectrum version

The game loads to this screen, then replaces it with a blank screen and a 'Please Wait' message
Eventually the game displays this screen which is followed by the game's credit screens and high scores
When a key is pressed the game's menu is displayed. The Define Controls screen selects between keyboard and Sinclair or Kempston joysticks. Action keys cannot be redefined
Each time the game is played / restarted (which is often) a different layout is presented.
In this game the object was to destroy the yellow bricks and protect the dark bricks. If the ball makes contact with a dark brick a life is lost.
Here the ball must destroy the plant in the middle of the screen and the player must prevent it hitting either side
Here the player must move the paddles left / right and prevent the ball from hitting the central part of the top / bottom border
Here the ball must destroy the bricks at either side of the screen but must not be allowed to touch the central wall