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Windows version

Main Menu (English version)
The overview map where the different missions are introduced.
A scene from the introduction sequence, when the kingdom was still peaceful.
The shrine where Zoya the thief first discovers the artifact.
They are all stuck with each other.
At the Crystal Caves
A skeleton shoots fire.
Pontius is about to pick up an experience potion.
Amadeus uses his powers to lower the bridge.
A meeting with one of the first, larger enemies.
Stacking some boxes on top of each other.
There is a lot of platform jumping involved.
Pontius enters the Dragon Graveyard and is quite worried.
Amadeus can move this platform while standing on top of it.
Zoya aims for the potions on the higher ledge.
Flaming arrows do much more damage.
Another brutal enemy awaits Pontius.
Many platforms only hold the characters temporarily or with a timed sequence.
There is a chest with a new item to the right.
Pontius just killed a skeleton.
Opening one of the many chests.
Running over a bridge in a beatiful forest.
The inventory, skills and upgrade screen
Pontius enters a new area.
Zoya looks for a way to get past this section.
A checkpoint has been reached.
The defeated skeleton leaves behind health and experience.
Zoya is able to swing when attaching her grapple to a wooden surface.
Fighting multiple skeletons at once, a common situation.
Pontius is clear about his motives.
Use the objects in the environment to solve this puzzle.
Zoya jumps from a platform that Amadeus created using his magic.
Skeletons are able to climb platforms too.
Deeper in the game, expect many buttons, levers, traps and enemies.
Pontius found a second weapon that is much stronger.
Running over a bridge in the final level.
You are dead.
Level selection (in Finnish)
Underwater documentary
The prologue
Starting the game with a thief archer
Steampunk dungeon
Starting the game with a wizard
Wizard using the swinging hammer to break down the wall
Swing and jump to safety
Use archer to dispose of skeletons from afar
Gotta a find a way to lower that bridge
Creating objects to create a way across
Swinging to avoid spikes, but however will I evade that arrow
Wizard can move objects even while being on top of them