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PlayStationPSX Nation (Mar 10, 1998)
While the game suffers from poor framerate I still found Triple Play 99 to be quite an enjoyable title. While the jury may still be out on the other forthcoming baseball titles Triple Play 99 does offer one of the most satisfying TV style presentations I've ever played along with solid gameplay.
WindowsPower Unlimited (Sep, 1998)
Dit is weer een typisch EA-produkt war de ware sportliefhebber zijn vingers bij zal aflikken. Goed verzorgd, zeer realistisch en boordevol statistieken.
WindowsGameSpot (Apr 07, 1998)
Despite the bucket of bugs, Triple Play 99 is a better game than it was last year, when it was arguably the best baseball game on the market. TP 99 will face some serious competition this year from Hardball 6 and Microsoft's debut diamond title, but it seems to be solid enough to hold its own. With a few bug fixes, TP 99 could be a repeat champion.
PlayStationGamezilla (1998)
If you can get past the glitches and oversights, this is a fun game to play. I really enjoy the realistic look and feel of the game. I wish that EA had waited a few more weeks to put this game out and fixed the little things that managed to sneak through the cracks. If you are starving for a new baseball game before the real season gets underway, this will be your only choice. All in all, you should be satisfied to a certain degree.
WindowsPC Player (Germany) (Jun, 1998)
Zusammenstöße, Zeitlupen und verschiedene Kamerawinkel - schon nach ein paar Minuten fühlt man sich wie mitten in einer Live-Übertragung. Der Draft oder das Erstellen eigener Spieler sorgen für eine prima Identifizierung mit Ihren Jungs. Nur die 3D-Grafikkarten werden nicht richtig ausgenutzt. Man muß fast zweimal hinschauen, um die beschleunigte Fassung von der regulären zu unterscheiden. Dem Spielspaß tut das aber keinen Abbruch, zumal sich - je nach Wetterlage - sogar die Ballflugbahn ändert.
WindowsPC Joker (May, 1998)
Charlie Brown wäre stolz auf mich: Ohne Anleitung konnte ich meine angestaubten Baseballkenntnisse innerhalb weniger Innings (= Spieldurchgänge) auffrischen. Der Ruhm hierfür gebührt freilich nicht mir allein, vielmehr sorgt die intuitive Spielbarkeit von Anfang an für Spaß am Sport. Dank zahlreicher Optionen und Computerhilfen sind Erfolgserlebnisse bei Triple Play ‘99 reine „Einstellungssache“. Eine komplette Saison von 162 Spielen wollte ich mir zwar dennoch nicht antun, doch nach schönster EA Sports Tradition lassen sich sowohl die Anzahl der Partien als auch die der Durchgänge fast beliebig regeln. Ich fürchte nur, daß sich fußballverliebte Teutonen trotzdem kaum für dieses uramerikanische Vergnügen erwärmen können - auch wenn es noch so hübsch präsentiert wird.
WindowsGamezilla (Jun 10, 1998)
A whole lot of fun -- and isn’t that what the game of baseball is all about?
PlayStationGameSpot (Mar 23, 1998)
Triple Play 99 is the way to go if you want a realistic baseball sim to play. It is really the most fun I've had playing a baseball game in a long time. The improvements made over last year's version mean that MLB '99 has its work cut out for it.
WindowsPC Games (Germany) (Jun 03, 1998)
Nach einer längeren Einarbeitungszeit kann das englischsprachige Spiel viel von der Faszination des Baseball vermitteln.
PlayStationCyberGames (Apr 08, 1998)
If you have Triple Play 98, purchasing this new version probably isn't worth it. In all honesty I enjoy playing the '97 version more than this one because the frame rate is smoother and triples are actually within the realm of possibility. EA Sports has created one heck of a graphics and sound collection with their latest PSX baseball title—if they'd only added some gameplay there's no telling what could have happened.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Mar 27, 1998)
With all things said, Triple Play ’99 is a solid baseball game. There are many welcome additions to this year’s version, most notably the manager modes. I think the graphics are excellent in some aspects but could use a little tuning to make them appear on the same level as the NHL series. If it weren’t for the inconsistencies and base running oversights, Triple Play ’99 would have gotten a much higher overall score. From an arcade standpoint it is still difficult to beat the realism and effects of being drawn into the sport of baseball like Triple Play ’99 does to you. Unfortunately for gamers this year, there is going to be some heated competition to see which baseball title walks home with the home run. Triple Play ’99 has a shot at doing so, betting on the other players to make some mistakes out of the gate.
PlayStationIGN (Mar 10, 2008)
There's no question that Triple Play 99 is one of the best looking baseball games on the market. However, the lack of in-depth gameplay still makes TP99 a little redundant. If you haven't picked up a baseball game, and you're new to baseball titles, Triple Play 99 is a good choice.
PlayStationPSM (May, 1998)
It is still safe to say that Triple Play '99 is a decent baseball game for the PlayStation, but considering that its improvements over last year are only minor, and that its competitors just keep getting hungrier to take top spot, this title may not last for long.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Aug, 1998)
TRIPLE PLAY 99 is a pretty good game if your only interest is in racking up double-digit scores in epic slugfests. If you want something like real baseball, keep looking.
WindowsIGN (Aug 13, 1998)
Triple Play 99 is a vast improvement over the arcade-style, kids' games that have marked this series in the past. It has managed to add much-needed depth and complexity to the series without losing its great look and feel and sense of fun. But it's not enough depth and flexibility to please baseball fanatics. It will be interesting to see what happens with the series next year.