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Trivial Pursuit Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Enter names
Game start
First question
Another question
Score chart

Amiga CD32 version

title screen
master of ceremonies character intro
options menu
performance rating
game in play
die roll screen
timer menu
selecting a space
being read a question

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Set up players / game options
The game board
Here's a question...
Did you get the question right? Be honest...
A visual question
A player moves around the board...
Can you answer this question from the visual clue?

Amstrad PCW version

Loading screen
Main menu
The inevitable board
So, Neville, can you tell us what is the smallest state in the world?

Atari 8-bit version

Loading screen
Title screen
I need to insert the question disk.
Main menu
A game started.
I threw a 2.
The question room
To which union does the Queen Mother belong?
Answer: the Transport and General Workers Union. Did I get it right?
If you get it right, his answer varies. He seems to think the next one will be harder.
Some questions show you a picture.
He says he didn't know the answer either.
I won a wedge.
My piece in the upper right has a blue wedge.
What are you implying?
Now I need to get to the center.
I have all the wedges in my piece.
I won.
My comparison to other players.
How I did in each category.

Atari ST version

The questions are loaded in blocks
Main menu
Additional in-game menu
Starting the game
First question, a timely reminder of how cruddy we are
No one can be more trying than me
Try and write a question with that answer....
Hopefully not the town the awful ST sound chip was made in.....
Someone whose pen slipped?
Move options
You can't get them all right
Trying for a wedge
1 down, 5 to go
In a Catholic country like Ireland, this was probably a stigma once
How each player is doing
The local bike?
Player performance can be broken down into categories

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Main menu
Game start
A music question

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Main menu
A game started.
I threw a 5.
The question room.
The answer to the question is T. E. Lawrence. Did I get it right?
If I didn't, bad luck.
What game is named after the Persian word for "king"?
It is chess.
I got it right. Well done, mobygame.
If you land in the center, you can select which category to get a question from.
I won a wedge.
My piece in the upper right has a yellow wedge.
What are you implying?
Some questions show you a picture.
Now I need to get to the center.
I have all the wedges in my piece.
I won.
My comparison to other players.
How I did in each category.

DOS version

main menu
throw the dice
Answering a question
Taking your turn (English version)
A question on literature (English version)
A question on geography (English version)

MSX version

Title screen
Enter the names of the players
Options screen
Game board
Choose your question category
Score table
The question

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Language selection
Start of a new game. It is going to be the epic battle of Beele, Moby, and Games playing.
Options screen with all the game settings
First of the mark is Beele
And I rolled a 2.
Now where should I go? Black outlines show me the options.
Gone with “Science and Nature”, now for the question. The snail at the top indicates how much time I have to answer.
When time is up I get the answer and have to be truthful if I answered it correctly or not (so easy to cheat). In this case it’s a no.
Oh well.
Well Moby go the first one right. Way to go Moby.
Moby landed on a throw again space.
Moby won a wedge on the first shot. Wow, he is so much better player then me.
The wedge appears on the players token.
Landing in the middle allows the player to select the topic.
Some of the questions have a musical tune with them that is needed to answer the question.
Some the questions use a visual aid that is needed to help answer the question.
After a while the question asker starts questioning if you are cheating if too many Yeses in a row.
Well done to Moby who won the game with a clear margin.
This is the stats of Moby playing by himself. Showing the tokens got and the percentage of questions correct in each category.

ZX Spectrum version

The screen while the game loads
Game options. Enter player names to start.
The playing board. Press space to throw the dice.
The questioning room.
Your score chart of questions answered right and wrong so far.