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Trog Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select Your Level!
Let's Go.
The baddies are coming.
Fighting a baddy.
Killed and eaten.
Head for home.
Good Job!
Falling off the edge.
Much bigger now.
Level is a bit more restricted.
Insert credits
Top Trogs
Different level theme

DOS version

Opening Screen
Prompt for Joystick
Title Screen, one player or two player?
Choose your difficulty level
Collect all your coloured eggs, then head for the exit that appears!
Those pineapples turn you into a Trog-munching T-Rex
The Ice Cube stops all the Trogs in their tracks
Chow down on some Trogs as a T-Rex for big points
Level end - more decorations are shown as you pass each level
Bonus levels like these can get hectic with two players
Every so often, we visit Trog's Cave to see what plans he's cooking up
These doors teleport you between their matching partner
Trog has discovered the wheel, and it can only mean trouble for you!
A secret time warp to level 15
Trog has figured out how to jump by putting springs on his feet
Title Screen (EGA)
Choose your difficulty level (EGA)
Gameplay (EGA)
Opening Screen (CGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Choose your difficulty level (CGA)
Gameplay (CGA)

NES version

Title screen.
These people are responsible for the game.
You don't really get to skip that many levels at the start, for some reason.
That's you. You have to pick up all those eggs. That's the game in a nutshell.
Just watch out for those Trogs!
The cavemen are so dumb they'll fall off the screen sometimes.
The more levels you clear, the flashier this screen gets,
Grab a pineapple and you'll be able to eat the cavemen!
The more you eat, the bigger the bonus. You can get up to 80,000 points per meal!
But if you're not careful, they'll make a meal outta you!
Roasting cavemen with the power-up
After several levels a short intermission is shown
Using portals
Here the cavemen are using wheels and you'll be dead in no time if you're not careful
Bonus wave! Collect diamonds for score
These jumping enemies are the worst, they're hard to predict
Palm tree island
After you loose all your lives, you have additional 2 continues
Another bonus level - roast them!
And yet another bonus - just eat as many cavemen as you can within a time limit
Squashed by a rolling wheel
I found a warp! (Advance 3 levels)
The warps look like holes with glowing squares -- look up from my character's position
The enemies become faster, learn more tricks, and islands become harder to navigate
Two-player game. Each dino has their own set of eggs to collect, and their own level exit, so the game is cooperative and competitive at the same time
Player 2 reaches the exit