Advertising Blurbs

Intellivoice pamphlet (1982) - Intellivision:
    It's action challenge at its very best, as you control Tron against inhuman, computer-controlled attackers who are armed with deadly flying disks.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4671) on Mar 07, 2007.

Description from Intellivision catalog:
    Our hero, TRON, is locked in battle against the Evil Blue Warriors. Score points by knocking out the computer-controlled attackers with flying discs. Your task is to bring your man safely through battle after battle. The attacking warriors are also armed with destroyer discs, and they'll come after TRON in wave after wave. You get them, or they'll get TRON!

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Sep 19, 2003.

Back Cover - Intellivision:
    Based on the futuristic adventure Motion Picture from Walt Disney Productions. Your task is to bring TRON safely through battle after battle against computer-controlled attackers. Lethal saucers are the weapons. It’s a soaring, blocking, running fight.

    Warriors come at TRON three at a time! Wave after wave of disc-throwing attackers. Get them, or they’ll get TRON!

    Knock out the giant Recognizer and win bonus points! Don’t fire your disc ‘til you see the white of its eye!

  • For one player. Four skill levels. At any level, the higher the point score, the harder the game!

  • Realistic warrior attackers, taken from the movie! 3 varieties, each more deadly than the last.

  • Warrior attackers come at Tron from all sides! Try a fast exit “Teleport” (in one door, out another)! Take ‘em from the rear!

  • Action sounds! “Swish” of flying disc, etc. No top score limit. You could keep on scoring above 1,000,000 points!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Apr 18, 2003.

Back Cover - Atari 2600:

    TRON DEADLY DISCS cartridge

  • For one player. 2 skill levels.
    Based on TRON the movie from Walt Disney Productions.

  • Disc-throwing warriors attack three at a time … and from all sides! Keep TRON moving! Fire back! Help him escape being “de-rezzed”!

  • ”Teleport” (in one door and out another) and surprise the attackers. Catch ‘em off guard!

  • The higher your score, the harder the game! Warriors increase in speed, accuracy, and their discs come a lot faster! Get them before they get TRON!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Apr 18, 2003.