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Trudy's Time and Place House Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The main screen; the player can access all the activities from here
Jellybean Hunt - the player can click either set of arrows to move around the map collecting jellybeans
This one wasn't too hard to find!
The player can build a miniature world by moving tiles onto the grid
In Q & A mode, the player has to fill in the missing tiles
The Calendar Clock game gives the player many ways to learn and experience time
The scene changes according to time of day and time of year
In Earth Scout Explore mode, the player can visit and learn about several landmarks on each continent
The camera will take pictures when clicked, and print an outline view for coloring
The Time Twins; change one clock's time and the other automatically adjusts
Analog Ann has lost her numbers!
"Can you set Dan to match my time?" says Analog Ann
Adult options - one unusual option is the single switch input for special needs users