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82 (Oct 01, 2006)
Gamers (or non-gamers, for that matter) who dislike golf probably won’t enjoy True Swing Golf. It’s…golf, and that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, for the rest of us, TSG is a tidy little game that’s easy to pick up and will find its way into your DS months down the road.
81 (Jan 11, 2006)
Okay, die Birdie Challenge hat nicht die großen Namen eines Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf. Und es besitzt auch nicht die knuddelige Optik eines Everybody’s Golf. Aber dafür bietet es eine hochinteressante Steuerung, die man entweder liebt oder hasst. Hier ist nicht nur Timing wie beim bewährten Drei-Klick-System benötigt, stattdessen wird auch ein ruhiges Händchen beim »Abschlagmalen« und clevere Planung verlangt. Vielerlei Spielmodi, nette 3D-Grafik, brauchbare Ballphysik und schöne Multiplayervarianten (obwohl die Abwesenheit eines Online-Modus schmerzlich vermisst wird) machen Nintendo Touch Golf zur gelungenen Empfehlung für Ruhige-Kugel-Schieber. Allerdings solltet ihr euch den Kauf zwei Mal überlegen, wenn ihr eher der Arcade-Golfer-Fraktion angehört: Nintendo Touch Golf hat keine explodierenden Tees, keine tanzenden Caddies und keine Zeitlupen-Ball-»Aftertouch«-Effekte, sondern ist vielmehr Simulation als vergnügliche Drauflosgolferei!
Nun kommt auch für unseren DS ein Golfspiel an. Und das ganz speziell auf den Doppel-Game Boy zugeschnitten. Im oberen Screen bekommt ihr die eigentliche Action gut animiert zu Gesicht während der untere Screen die Steuerung übernimmt. Hier darf dann der Stylus ran. Mit ihm könnt ihr sehr realitätsnah euren Schlag simulieren, indem ihr den Stift mit einem gewissen Tempo in die angepeilte Richtung manövriert. Spaßiges Konzept, das nur noch einen Feinschliff braucht.
80 (Dec 15, 2005)
Nintendo Touch Golf Birdie Challenge s'impose et place la barre assez haut en matière de golf sur DS. Avec une concurrence franchement à la rue, les amateurs n'ont pas à hésiter et peuvent faire l'impasse sur la réalisation un peu cheap pourse focaliser sur un excellent gameplay en dépit d'un petit manque de contenu. Le système de swing au stylet renvoie au vestiaire tout ce qui se fait avec un stick analogique, je n'ose pas imaginer un jeu de golf avec le pad de la Revolution. Pour information, les screenshots illustrant cette page sont fournis par l'éditeur, la cartouche ne fonctionnant pas avec l'appareil de capture de Nintendo.
UOL Jogos (Jan 25, 2006)
"True Swing Golf" equilibra bem a dificuldade do esporte e as concessões que um videogame precisa fazer para se tornar palatável a um público amplo, fórmula de ouro que teve sucesso com a produtora Camelot. O jogo da T&E tem a vantagem de usar bem a tela sensível, mas a precisão fica devendo aos jogos para consoles e do PSP. Mesmo com uma produção simples, a boa física e a mecânica sólida torna o jogo agradável, sendo a melhor opção do Nintendo DS para os fãs do esporte. Mesmo quem não sabe muita coisa, poderá aprender de maneira rápida e divertida, já que conta com explicações fáceis de entender.
Once everything is unlocked, all the tournament money has been secured, and you're left with only basic gameplay, you'll be back to True Swing Golf. A quick nine-holes is undeniably perfect portable entertainment. The easy and non-fund draining multi-player is the extra push this one needs to make it a game twice as good as Tiger's outing.
80 (UK) (Jul 12, 2005)
Nintendo Touch Golf Birdie Challenge has Pictochat built in. During wireless games, you can draw pictures using your stylus and dispatch them to appear on your opponent's top screen, which is otherwise used to offer a 3d picture of the game in progress. A well-timed penis can arrive just in time to obscure your opponent's view of the ball rolling into or indeed, as was the case here, past the hole.
IGN (Jan 20, 2006)
The Nintendo DS doesn't lack a golf experience - along with the ability to play one of the finest handheld golf games ever created (the GBA version of Mario Golf for those of you not in the know), Electronic Arts graced the system with a better-than-okay touch-screen version of its Tiger Woods series on the Nintendo DS launch in 2004. So, with other games already available, True Swing Golf isn't really filling a necessity on the dual screen handheld. But even with that said, this game is surprisingly solid and well developed, even if it lacks a huge assortment of features and won't exactly win a beauty pageant with its visual appeal. True Swing Golf's real value is in its tight use of the touch screen to pull off a great playing game of golf.
Overall, this game is good aesthetically. The gameplay works well, and the replay value is fairly high. What then is the conclusion? If you are a golf fan, whether casual or hardcore, you should consider trying this game.
77 (May 30, 2006)
Nintendo Touch Golf: Birdie Challenge is without doubt the most realistic and best golf game released for Nintendo DS. Still, it will never give you a WOW feeling. Real golf fanatics should run to the stores. The other gamers will find this game too boring. It has sharp-edged characters an no minigames or other fun options. What rests is pure golf.
Insipid elevator music and the complete absence of any personality aren't enough to kill this otherwise totally acceptable golf sim.
GamePro (US) (Jan 24, 2006)
True Swing Golf is portable Golden Tee--sans the trackball--with a trusty stylus at its stead. In fact, this game is all stylus--the core gameplay is based on a down and up movement to simulate a golf swing--, as the rest of this golf game is purely barebones. Nothing about True Swing is difficult, and, like most good DS games, where it succeeds is in its simple pick-up-and-play nature.
GameSpy (Jan 23, 2006)
If you can get past the lack of a personality and the occasionally ugly graphics, True Swing is still the best golf game on the DS. It has a few shortcomings, but it definitely makes good use of the hardware to deliver a golf game that plays like none before it. And if the dastardly Dr. Diminish has his way, none shall ever play like it again!
GameDaily (Jan 23, 2006)
When it comes to eating nachos, the Senor loves combining those tasty, brittle chips with some mango salsa because it's the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, orange and yellow, and whole bunch of other crap that would make this sentence better than it is. But Nintendo's True Swing Golf is no mango salsa. I mean, it's decent enough, but it's also green and brown, boring and bland, and overshadowed by all of the Mario Golf titles. In short, it's lame, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad game per se. Rather, it's for all you meat and potato lovers out there. You know, all you boring people.
Yahoo! Games (Jan 24, 2006)
Golf is the perfect portable sport -- broken into convenient bits, it's ideal for playing a few minutes here and there. PSP owners already have three golfing choices highlighted by Sony's superlative Hot Shots. With the release of True Swing Golf to complement a rather average Tiger Woods outing, the DS finally starts to catch up -- but Nintendo fans can't yet hit the links in total style.
GameSpot (Jan 20, 2006)
Considering Nintendo's knack for imbuing virtually any activity it sees fit with a wealth of charm and personality, and developer T&E Soft's prior success with golf in its densely packed Swing Away Golf for the PlayStation 2, it's kind of surprising just how bland and bereft of features True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS is. The game's employment of touch-screen controls for aiming and swinging had the potential to at least make for a novel experience, but clumsy implementation makes them a liability rather than a blessing.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 08, 2006)
In terms of graphics, True Swing has a leg up on Tiger Woods, and includes similarly good fly-by previews of each hole. True Swing's sound effects are exceptional, especially the crystal clear rain drops. You'll definitely want to turn off the easy-listening music on the options screen though - it nearly drove me insane. On the downside, you won't find as many play modes as Tiger Woods, and the players and courses are entirely fictional. You can save your place at any time. True Swing Golf feels a bit shallow at times, but it's easy-going style should appeal to casual gamers who want to play on the go.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 28, 2006)
When it comes down to it, True Swing Golf is a game with a lot of potential that it mostly failed to live up to. From the bland characters and bland graphics to the underdeveloped control system to the weak upgrades, there isn’t much to this game. Sure, the controls are fun to play around with at first, but only as a novelty. After that, there’s nothing to keep you playing the game. You can think of True Swing Golf as an underdeveloped retail product or an overdeveloped tech demo. Either way, it’s not a lot of fun.