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    Tunnels and Trolls - Crusaders of Khazan

    The Pact is Shattered

    Wrecked by the designs of the Death Empress Lerotra´hh, the tenuous peace between man and monster is crumbling. Orcs and trolls hunt in the fiels of men, wolves howl in the murky depths of the Great Forrest, and rumors abound of a monster army crashing through the Khargish Mountains. For the scattered races of the humankin there is little to do but sit and wait for the tide of eradication to begin. But somewhere in the mist-wreathed night, the great wizard Khazan lies waiting, dreaming of a hero who will reclaim him from his magical trance and deliver the world from destruction. Can you find him in time? Duck screaming hails of arrows, ride thundering war horses, slash through dense forests, and sail rolling black seas as you begin your quest to find the wizard king Khazan. Along the way encounter hundreds of monsters, traps and pitfalls to challenge your wits and line your treasur chests. After you have tested your blade against lesser foes, try your skills against the heartless half-orf herself, Lerotra´hh, leader of the monsterkin! Tunnels & Trolls is a must for both the role-playing veteran and the computer game motivate, bristling with a hoarde of stunning features like: -Icon-driven interfaces -Over 60 spells -Switchable combat mode -Viewable character portraits -Auto-mapping -Hundreds of items -Detailed map of the world -Gameworld clock -Four charakter classes -Elaborate test -Quests -Multible towns

    Contributed by Alexander Schaefer (2547) on Feb 25, 2001.