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Trotzdem ist das immer noch nicht alles, was BE BALL zu bieten hat, Es gibt nämlich zu alles Überfluß auch noch einen Level-Editor. Man kann sich also die Levels selbst zusammenschrauben, gerade so, wie man sie haben möchte, BE BALL hat für 100 Tacken wirklich einiges zu bieten. Wir meinen, das war spitze!
Defunct Games (Jun 04, 2006)
This is but a scant few Turbo Duo games I own that supports multiple players and an additional "Dodgeball" mode to boot, which greatly increases its replay-ability. If you've a penchant for puzzlers this one should deliver. Let your inner Lord of the Dance free and destroy some hedgehogs!
Be Ball is an unusual game design but then what do you expect from the Japanese? It's very simple, too, just move objects to certain places. Switches and fading balls (which can only be moved when fully coloured) complicate further levels but the main hindrances are other balls. Relentless pursuers mean one-player games become too difficult and although two-player games can be fun, Be Ball is too straightforward for its own good.
PC Engine Gamer (Jul, 2012)
Be Ball isn't exceptional or particularly poor. It's samey and easy to complete, but the large quantity of extra stages will keep you occupied for a time. It does fail to really hook you and there's never a great desire to get to the next stage, probably because the next stage is the same as the last. That said, if you're right sort of mood and are limited on time, you might find a quick fiddle with your balls is enough to satisfy.
Video Game Den (Apr 07, 2011)
All in all, Be Ball is a fun little game with interesting gameplay mechanics, but without anything terribly amazing nor terribly bad about it.
On the downside, the game is immensely challenging and even puzzle game experts will have a rough go of it with Chew Man Fu. But, it's unique and simple gameplay are more than enough to attract gamers of all skill levels. It's definitely hard but still fun, and clearing each board really gives you a feeling of accomplishment! Throw in the two-player mode, the separate kick ball mode, and the editor mode that allows you to create your own puzzles and there's enough here for action/puzzle fans to sink their teeth into.
Power Play (Jun, 1990)
Für 110 Mark gewaltig zu simpel.
Random Access (Feb 15, 2014)
Chew Man Fu is definitely not what I expected. Even with what I got, however, I was only briefly impressed. The game's formula really gets stale with its limited variety. Items occasionally pop up to try and add some flair, but really, you're just pushing coloured balls around for over 500 stages, and that just sounds like an undertaking in tedium. Those who love action-style puzzlers may get a kick out of this, but even they will tire quickly. Chew Man Fu is really for the hardcore puzzlegangers.